Faye Wong "So Young"

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Here at Layabozi we have a little thing for some mandopop singers, not many, not for those that are more terrible than good, as it happens when pop gets silly. But there are few that we like a lot. One of them is Faye Wong, the great diva of Chinese pop.  Miss Wong released a new song “致青春” (To Youth), the title song for the movie 致我们终将逝去的青春 (So Young) directed by Zhao Wei and launched on last April 26th.

“To Youth” has now a video, which is going madly viral around the net, it’s no surprise as it is a very sweet song, sang with much style,  proving why Wong is loved as she is. The arrangement is classic and solid, and the lyric is romantic and dramatic, as any proper Chinese drama should be.

[Youtube Video]


[Tudou Video]

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