Not A Beat, Not A Scene


Today we got this video via Alpha Pup Records. A short documentary about the electronic music scene in Los Angeles.

As soon as I started watching it, it reminded me of our own Chinese corner. First because it starts with Daedelus, and later Chris Alfaro of  Free The Robots too, both were here years ago when Free The Wax was building some of the roots that created our electronic scene. Also it reminded me the idea of our Benoit Florencon and his Inner SpacesAnd when they talk about the venue Low End Theory, it reminded me of The Shelter, Dada, old Logo, and all the other places where I go for music love.

Not A Beat, Not A Scene was directed by Tom MacVicar,  and produced  by Konstantin Sotirhos.

Its tracklist:

Shlohmo – Put it
Daedelus – You’ve Heard
Juj – Birch Slap (guitar)
Co.fee – Bourgeois
Ages – This is Crazy
MNDSGN – Legwarmrs
[Youtube video]

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