Tom Loved Katie "你不爱我"



汤姆克鲁斯和凯蒂赫尔姆斯, Tom Loved Katie, is a new band in Shanghai. Formed by Cee Q on vocals and keyboards, and Xiao Zhong (also drummer of Pairs) on guitar and keyboards.

“You Don’t Love Me” is their first single and video. They have already released their first studio album also titled 汤姆克鲁斯和凯蒂赫尔姆斯. 汤姆克鲁斯和凯蒂赫尔姆斯 is available on Bandcamp for free download (if you are a hippy with not credit cards), or for some love in form of money, which is always nice to share with artists.

汤姆克鲁斯和凯蒂赫尔姆斯 was recorded at the studio of The Horses in Shanghai during July this year. There are physical copies of the CD and the band has kindly said that they will ship them to any place in the world for any loving listener that requests so. If you want to request them, or download it just go to their Bandcamp page.

[Youtube video]

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