Headphones Banger 031: LoN & Lochoi “Chamber Tekno Improv”



Yes! Headphones Banger is on, and alive. And very much as this set to restart this section of sweet sounds made by cool music geeks is the recording of one of the greatest, if not really the greatest, jam sessions I’ve heard in a long long time. And please notice I wrote jam sessions with no music genre attached to include all kinds of jams sessions I’ve heard in the last couple of years, rock, jazz, electronic, and who-knows-what-kind-of-music-is-this too.

This set was recorded Sunday, July 3rd, at both music, a cafe bar hidden in the corners of Shanghai’s Red Town. The gig was organized by Lochoi aka *Ll from *Llnd, and LoN, both long time friends and producers. They prepared a heavy set of machines to play live improvising separately and together in a session with four chapters going from 7pm to 11pm.

We were no more than fifteen people listening, I had the luck of having a space long enough to be comfortably listening the whole gig, hangover and Sunday evening mood included, the music was so good I stayed even way passed my bed time just to listen to the recording of two of the best chapters of the gig again. As we listened to all these sounds again it was very clear they had to be shared, and that was just the fire Headphones Banger was needing to restart. Lochoi made a cut of one of the best parts of this session to share it with us. This is a jam of electronic sounds that goes tekno and gets bigger than the space where you are now.

This is what Lochoi tells about it. “This recording is about the flow and freestyle live tekno which is a discipline of its own.. Listening to the machine sounds and textures and not imposing caricatural compositions, starting with a sound which invites for the next sound, blending and rewriting sequences on the inspiration of the moment.

“First time we played together with Ben was about eight years ago and we hadn’t played together for about two years, but our live sets structures and setups had both evolved in some similar direction, always aiming at being able to detach from the machines and play the sound freely with the most improvisational potential to follow the flow of sound energy in the most natural and free way . I introduced each track with with Binaural Beats to induce a stimulating effect in the listeners brains and also ours, to unconsciently place the listener and performer on a similar out of body experience.

“Both Ben and I enjoyed this show because nothing was planed aside of playing tekno, and all was improvised but in the end it sounded as a rehearsed show. An awesome part too which was a great stimuli is that all the listeners were music experts and they all let themselves go freely with the sound. On that day at both records store we recorded four hours of music and more will be soon uploaded.”

Now flow.

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