Banana Monkey "Baby In Red"



“Baby In Red” opens with Misuzu doing a classic surfing riff, and soon Bono singing the wave down, but ready to jump up when the time to shake it comes. The sound of the riffs in “Baby In Red” are the undeniable Misuzu’s style.



Unlighted cigarette on the mouth, messed up hair, swinging hot walk, the dude passes slowly by the chick in red, he does not look at her, but he smells her. She doesn’t even notice him, she’s talking with the bartender. The dude goes to grab a drink with his friend. Her smell is already on his atmosphere, his senses are on, she smells like red fire. Forget about the dude talk, don’t know what his friend is saying anymore, can’t stop smelling the red. Rewind, and go back to where she is. No hesitation. Walks directly to the chick in red. Stand up on her side. Look straight at her eyes, then up and down. Then sweet and tender. All in less than a compass. Awesomely half turns on her, putting her against the bar and him, and cool as Bruce, without further explanation or introduction, he goes “You are mine!”


Find more about Banana Monkey on their Douban page.

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