Banana Monkey "Double Trouble"

They say is garage rock revival. Honestly, do you care if  it’s garage, bedroom, or roof rock? (probably if it’s bedroom, I know). Whatever genre or location, this song and Banana Monkey are fine and dandy rock, plus Bono’s singing  in “Double Trouble” is specially sparkling.


Running against time and destiny. You know that you are falling into the pit, you are seeing this is not the right way to go to their home, the driver is taking you to the opposite side of the city, you want to stop him, tell him to turn back, that you are already late, that’s rush hour and every second counts, that your whole life depends on being there in time to sign that contract that you have negotiated for months, that if this is not happening you might as well forget everything and go to live to the next forgotten village and live to die there reading old books and talking to plants, because yes, you admit it, you are too done with trying, and frustration is eating you, it’s not that you are old, or lazy, it’s just that you are chronically disappointed, of life, of yourself, of the world. You tell yourself that is not that you are a pessimist, or a coward, or just plain dumb, no, you know you are just done, done, done. Shut up! Shut up!!! You can’t command her to silence herself. On the other side of the phone,  she’s not breathing between words, and all those words are about love and hate and passion and the sense of life and what’s right and wrong, you know what she is talking about, you feel the same, and after all you know, you know well, you deserve it. She won’t stop yelling at you. Anyway you can’t hear all that she is saying, the road and your heart beats are louder than her. You already knew she was going to be angry at you, angry like hell, it was unavoidable. Just that you were not counting on the chance that she was going to be lucky to choose the worst minute for you to come out with her rage. And you have to let her unload it, otherway, you know, you will have no chance at all to keep her. You have to let her burn you. When the time comes, after this, you will try to explain her that you had no option but to betray her, it was just as simple as black or white, she or you. It was not your style, you were so good to avoid these situations, to become invisible and stay cool still, to say the right thing to be absolved from committing to one or other side, but yesterday you lost that power, and you had to choose, and you chose yourself. You accepted to kicked her out. And you know, she will probably understand when she is no longer in fire, that’s why you are not interrupting her, you can’t double block her.  But where the hell is he taking you!? The car is going up to the elevated road, too late to stop him, as soon as it gets in you can see the traffic jam there is stuck. What are you doing?! You yell, after covering the phone to hide your voice from her. Stop! Stop! It’s too late, no way back. What to do? You have to be there or you will loose it, the contract, the money, the two years of work in this project, the three months of negotiating with the people waiting for you, the option to do what you really want to do, the reason why you broke up with your former girlfriend, your sanity, your hope. Stop! You can’t breath well anymore. The air inside is so hot your lungs are burning, and your heart is not helping anymore. You look around, cars in front on all the tracks, cars to your left, cars behind you, and an empty space on your left. No chance to ask her to listen to you, to shut up, you need to breath, and you need to get there no matter what. You open the door, get out of the car, close the door with your free hand. And then you turn to see the huge truck coming fast and straight to you, finally your heart stops and let your lungs get full of air, and then you think, it could be a relief.

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