Birthday Parties Come With Presents


Because it’s our anniversary, and we are surrounded by awesome friends, we got a bunch of presents that they gave us for you. You want some?


If you are on Facebook or Weibo, you have seen me promoting our links like a machine, or well, what I consider a machine, because still we haven’t develop the promotional process as the pros do it, I’m not even sure if we really want to be so pro about this actually.


Anyway. The thing is we have presents. And we have games.


First the presents. 首先关于礼物。

We got a bunch of albums that we put together in four hipster bags. The albums inside the bags are:


* 7” vinyl of Dear Eloise — Dear Eloise(亲爱的艾洛伊丝)7寸单曲 –

* The Fever Machine Living In Oblivion — 发烧机乐队的 Living In Oblivion

* Friend or Foe My Claw Is Never Limp — Friend or Foe的 我的大鸡爪可从不疲软

Pairs Summer Sweat — Pairs的 Summer Sweat

* Androsace 小样 — 点地梅的 小样

* Boys Climbing Ropes and X is Y “Summer And Winter Warfare” — 男孩爬绳子和X is Y的《Summer And Winter Warfare》

* The debut and new EP of Nova Heart Beautiful Boys — Nova Heart的首张EP Beautiful Boys

* The new album of Riots Riots — Riots的最新专辑

* The new album of Drone Doors Of Perception — Drone的最新专辑 Doors Of Perception

* Plus a surprise CD —  还有一张惊喜CD。

* The bags also include a poster of our anniversary — 专辑袋中还包含本次周年庆的海报

* Two free entrance to our concert — 两张演出的免费入场券

* Two free drinks — 两份免费饮料

* And surprises — 还有一些其他的惊喜

* *NEW ADDITION! 2 entrances (your name plus 1 on the guest list) to The Antidote’s party after our concert for the release of B6 new album.

Are you loving it or what? Right?!


These bags will be given the day of the concert, so whoever wins it will have to get them that day. We won’t deliver them.


Now, for those of you that are not in Shanghai, we have five codes to download for free five great albums


* God Bows To Math — God Bows To Math乐队

* Bikini Eyebolt — Bikini Eyebolt乐队

* Duck Fight Goose Sports —  鸭打鹅乐队 Sports

* Rustic City Of Heartbreak ‘n’ Horror — Rustic乐队 City Of Heartbreak ‘n’ Horror

* The International Four Way Split CD — 国际四合一CD

To win these your profile either on Facebook or Weibo has to clearly show that you are not living in Shanghai.


Before telling you how to win these awesome presents. Let me tell you who are our friends that gave us these birthday presents, to publicly say thank you. So if you would be so kind please visit them, say thank you to them too.


Genjin RecordsGenjingRecords在FacebookGenjing Records on Weibo 在微博

TenzenmenTenzenmen在FacebookTenzenmen on Weibo 在微博

The Fever Machine 发烧机乐队 The Fever Machine on Facebook 发烧机乐队在FacebookThe Fever Machine on Weibo 发烧机乐队在微博

Friend or Foe – Friend or Foe on Weibo 在微博

Androsace 点地梅 – Androsace on Facebook 点地梅在Facebook – Androsace on Weibo 点地梅在微博

Pairs – Pairs on Weibo Pairs 在微博Pairs在Facebook

Boys Climbing Ropes 男孩爬绳子 – 男孩爬绳子在豆瓣



Fake Music MediaFake Music Media在Facebook – Fake Music Media on Weibo 在微博

YuyinTang 育音堂 – YuyinTang on Weibo 育音堂在微博YuyinTang on Facebook 育音堂在Facebook

The Antidote – The Antidote on Weibo 在微博

Now how to get a chance to get your hands on these marvelous presents!


To play on Facebook — Facebook上进行游戏

First of all you have to be listed as one of the people that is liking us. Done that. You have to post from today until May 4th at noon, at least four times on your status update the link to this article with attention to Layabozi, and to one of our friends above in Facebook, any of them. With a nice presentation if you want



They are mean, but are awesome! @(choose any of our friends on facebook listed above)


他们刻鄙又很酷! @(选择上述我们任一朋友的Facebook)

Remember you have to like us, how could you not like us, and whoever you are adding to your post.


To play on Weibo — 微博上进行游戏

You have to post at least four times this message :


Post this to win 10 albums on Layabozi’s Anniversary Concert. Read all about it on and And follow us @Layabozi @(any of the guys mentioned above on Weibo)

发布即可在Layabozi周年庆演出现场赢取10张专辑。阅读全部内容 和 请关注我们 @Layabozi @(上述我们任一朋友的微博)

We will choose among all of you who have done this, specially those who have added some witty comments to this posts, and we will let you know by a message through Facebook, and Weibo who are the winners. You’ll be on the guest list the day of the concert.


Layabozi on Weibo 在微博 —   Layabozi在Facebook


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