Death To Ponies

Death To Ponies are the union of two duos coming from two different music scenes in Shanghai, Acid Pony and Death To Giants, the first are house music producers and DJs, and the second are a rock band formed with drums and bass. Both duos have respected reputation of insanity, very possibly same thing is what got them together, and an obvious need for experimentation with music and machines.

This track is a live recording from their debut concert. You’ll see that to be jamming they are surprisingly eloquent, and sane in their own way. This is dark heavy psychedelic rock with some blues metal tendencies, and a shadow of a baroque punk character. Synths jump between the 70s and the present, and the rhythm section swims in the waters of all rock, together they create an obscure atmosphere evoking tones of majesty and delirium that shows with accuracy the energy transmitted by this new band.

Trip it.



Death To Ponies will open our 4th Anniversary concert at 9pm sharp. Be sure to be there on time to launch with Death To Ponies.

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