Layabozi will be 4


We are deeply proud to hype this one of ourselves. For once in our lifetime we won’t mind to talk about ourselves and promote what we do, we know you won’t mind.

We are starting the countdown to the celebration of our fourth anniversary. And yes, 4! 4 years that we have been actively fertilizing our world with our deepest love for music. We are not scared of 4. We love it. We’ll take the power of death in 4 to release all that we don’t want or need anymore, to free all that needs to be free for us to get better, bigger, pinker, and funkier. All to provide you, and us with the best platform for music that we all want to have in our rocking world.

To celebrate our first years of life, and to empower ourselves for our coming projects, and to bring a tsunami of energy to our music scene we are producing a concert of pure, dirty,  bitchy, sexiest rock ‘n roll. The four bands that will turn on the fire for us:  Death To Ponies, The Fever Machine, Riots, and Banana Monkey.

During the coming weeks we’ll be telling you lots about them.

In Chinese superstition, four means Death, but we’ve only just begun to LIVE!!!!

Check our e-flyer for more information.

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