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Misuzu, from Shanghai, is one of the legends of rock in Shanghai, because of his  quiet strength of opinion, his amazingly stylish riffs, and his always awesome retro rocker look that specially shines when he is soloing on the stage.

Misuzu has been part of some of the most honestly hipster bands of Shanghai, Banana Monkey, The Beat Bandits, The Instigation. To all of those bands he has added his personal touch, he is truly a great rock guitarist, plus he is one of those lucky musicians that shines on the stage, as soon as he starts to play he radiates magnetic energy that will be brighter each time he is deeper into the songs.

Misuzu put together his playlist, ten of his favorite songs, for us. To start the final turn to warm up for this Saturday concert to celebrate our 4th anniversary.

Read, listen, and enjoy.




1. Screaming Jay Hawkins “Hong Kong”



I first saw Jay in a movie called Perdita Durango, and finally learned that he was a also boxer and singer after I watched another movie called Stranger Than Paradise. And to me this is the only great song about Hong Kong which is the most particular place for every Chinese.


2. Veronica “Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love”


This is why I was attracted by 60’s life stlye.


3. The Readymen “Shortning Bread” 

It was deadly shock when Dj B.O presented it to me. Since then, it became the one of my top ten great rock n roll songs ever. Never expected that the melody of this track was written by human race.

4. The Whys “Sunset Party”

Surf and rockabilly are my favorite type of rock ‘n roll, and The Whys who came from Japan and also brought by Trash A GoGo party, they fully understand what is surf rock music and inherited well. Although the leader of the band Ruiko can’t swim, and that she’s afraid of the ocean, because as she told me, there are lots of monsters living in the ocean.

5. The Shadows Of Knight “You Can’t Judge A book” 

If I would live in the 60’s, and if they were looking for a guitarist, definitely I would like to go to the audition for it. Plain lyrics and voice of singer plus classic rhythm from Bo Diddly. Summit of garage rock.

6. The Milkshakes “I Wanna Be Your Man”

One of first tracks from British Invasion, the most beautiful song I ever heard, written by The Beatles (I dislike them very much), covered by the 80’s pride from UK again, Billy Childish, a rock ‘n roll artist who taught me how to keep doing retro rockers.

7. The Rolling Stones “Prodigal Son”

Most mysterious and brilliant melody from my favorite band The Rolling Stones. I really love to ask people who tells me he loves Rolling Stones “which RS song is your favorite???? sorry, come again ????”

8. Jimi Hendrix “Crosstown Traffic”

British people recognized him in UK, but everybody knows he is a American. The recording technique of this track is amazing, and got a fabulous power driving me mad.


9. Herman’s Hermits “I’m Henry The VIII, I Am” 

I am real old timer, I really wanna be a king, dwell in a castle… They made me fell in love with the English accent.


10. The Troggs “Wild thing”

I say 60’s ! Golden age ! wildest decade in the world until my death. This one is made from wildness with heavy snuffle.


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