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Layabozi went on line on May 10th 2008, after three months figuring out how to make a website, decoding code, and deciding that our color was pink, we finally started our operations with a silly little post. Since then we have published six hundred sixty four articles, devouring live music every week, listening to new music every day, learning of new bands and new sounds like is the last chance we have to listen to music.

Most of all we are extremely proud of those bands, DJs, musicians, producers, and venues that we have seen grown and evolve during these four years, they are our main inspiration. Our motivation comes from all those music lovers sharing with us on each gig, all those people that are constantly hungry for amazing music. We are  part of that crowd.

Last Saturday we celebrated our anniversary with a concert that made us extremely happy. The four bands that celebrated with us played special sets that were really amazing. Death To Ponies opened with a dark set that got lots of people attention, this was their third gig, and we like to support bands that we believe will turn into positive additions to music. They do have a a great potential, they already caught a nice style, and we trust on the dedication of all its members. The Fever Machine kicked ass bad bad bad, they sounded like the biggest thing I’ve seen in ages, I never saw them being so big and awesome, I was impressed with their performance, they really burned the stage in fire. And the sound they produced was absolute rock. Epic riffs indeed. Epic rock. Just what I wanted and needed. Riots was another huge moment, they were full of energy, it was their last concert in China, they were finishing their China Tour, and they had so much energy that they turned on the moshpit.  Gisle, the lead singer, jumping like a monkey all over the stage even hit himself on his fronthead with the mic, it was a lot of fire there. Banana Monkey, whatever I say about them is totally subjective, they were not happy with the set they played, Bono told me they made many mistakes, this time I was not really paying attention to the details, at that point I was so happy I could not see the wrong spots. I enjoyed every riff by Misuzu, and every expression by Bono, LinFeng’s jumps, and Lon’s rattles.  Sadly this was their last concert with LinFeng, but they will soon get a new bass player to go on with their  great rock story. The party was perfect, and it ended with all of us celebrating at The Shelter with The Antidote’s party for B6 new album. I can’t even describe the hangover I had for two days. You can imagine. Happiness hangover.

I’ll finish this saying thank you to everybody that was part of this celebration in any way, and also I want to thank to all the ducks that are part of Layabozi, writers, photographers, designers, marketing brains, endless enthusiasts of our project we are really lucky to have met this way, because our love for music. And of course to all of you our readers and partners in crime when loving music, much much thanks for your support. We will bring you more and more music to your screen and ears. Be sure of that!


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