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We have said it a lot already, it’s our fourth anniversary, and we are very happy about it, happy that we have made it for four years, happy that we are seeing positive results of our work, and happy that we are celebrating it big time.

Today we want to share with you some of the love that we have been getting from our friends recently, because for us feedback is very important, and because we are very proud to find out that our friends and neighbors in our musical planet have so nice things to tell us. Their feedback has given us strength and confidence to believe more in what we are doing, to grow, and to conquer the universe, of course.  And now we want to tell you to announce publicly that we are changing, we are growing, and we have plans to grow more, because we want to share so much more great music with you.

This is the love we have got from cool people around us…

“There are many websites, communities and digital information resources on the internet about the Chinese music scene or whatever would interest an expat in China. Some of them are good in offering and up to date news section, some are strong on the social networking side, but a good online read is rare that isn’t copied and pasted and reposted from other sources. And those with a long-years editorial staff dedicated to dig deep and unearth all the music jewelries for the readership are ever harder to find. Pop and rock, despite of it’s easy-going attitude, isn’t a culture of fast food at all and deserve some decent reviews, reports and even revisits. is slowly becoming an archive of good writings about music and it’s always worthwhile the time to spend time reading there.” — Yang Yu, founder and editor of and Painkiller Magazine

“Every time I have approached Layabozi with a half baked idea, they have listened with open ears, helped me round out my idea and then seen it through to it’s conclusion. Without them supporting the band I play in from the very start, I highly doubt we’d be in the position we are currently in. They have allowed me to share my favourite music, thoughts and opinions on their website – they have given me and countless others a platform off which to launch themselves into the confusing Shanghai city and helped give people a voice.

“Every time I see the Layabozi team at shows or on the street, they are full of life and energy and always up to not only talk, but to listen and that is becoming increasingly rare these days. Layabozi don’t get bogged down with petty scene bullshit, and lazy is not a word that could be used to describe them.

” Really, they are a breath of fresh air in a heavily polluted city” — Xiao Zhong, Pairs

“Layabozi is a genuine supporting platform for any art music related events. Always up to date, always on the front like, and sometimes even more accurate and detailed in reporting a situation. Layabozi is big helping supporting hand for new bands and already established ones. Wish them to become bigger and us with them!” — Dario, Androsace

“Layabozi is the authority on live music in Shanghai. No other organization has shown such vast support, integrity, growth, and diversification (not to mention true home grown love) for every genre of music and musician”  — Theo Croker, Trumpetist

“Layabozi is a great place to find out about music around Shanghai or around the world. They post interesting music and give the lowdown on what is going down in many different parts of the Shanghai scene. They also toss up some interesting interviews. It’s good stuff” — Rabshaka, Friend or Foe

“Layabozi is crazy, strange and unique. A dedicate space for music lovers to find their daily dose. Not just China is covered but the whole globe of music creativity. Awesome!… Disclaimer: I write for those guys!” — Azchael, from, Painkiller Magazine, and lately Layabozi too!

“One thing is sure, Layabozi team loves music. They offer us a website quite unique in Shanghai that aims at sharing their love for the music made in China to the people living in China. And they are doing it well : the content is dense, well documented, and open to all kind of music and genre. In that sense, Layabozi is really a witness of the emerging local music scene, and at the same time contributes to make the whole thing happens ! ” — Thoma Cher, Producer and DJ

“In a country where it’s not always easy to sell CD’s or get famous for the music you play, Layabozi acts as a free advertiser, record label, music critic, fan page, … and it helps us! From album reviews to gigs calendar, from musical trends to moods publications, Layabozi has the guts, the will, the style and makes the point!” — Gauthier, Lions Of Puxi

“Layabozi, music coverage straight from the heart, always fresh and on point. First and oldest bilingual fully music-dedicated website in Shanghai.” — Benoit Florencon, Bureau 36 (he will publish on Layabozi too)

“Layabozi isn’t only another blog about music news. They are a group of people who dedicate their own time to actively support and follow the burgeoning music scene in China and who have been doing so since the very beginning, hopefully for a long time!” — Fabi, The Fever Machine

“Layabozi is a top site for discovering some of the latest rumblings in the alternative music scene in China, with diverse news and interesting features. Check it out” — Shaun, Tenzenmen Record Label

“Mache has her finger firmly on the pulse of the musical ecosphere in Shanghai. Her anniversary event (last year) for Layabozi drew together all those people I love and respect for putting their stuff out there and making a scene. I know that she knows, loves, feeds, and feeds off all the musicians, producers, DJs, artists, hipsters, promoters and fans that are making Shanghai into the hip cool musical place it is. Here in Shanghai we have a fragile, wonderful little musical flower, Mache brings the sunshine to help it grow.” — Mark Elliot, JZ Festival Manager

“这绝对是一个很酷的网站。这里绝对能吸引你的眼球,并通过耳朵,告诉你一些奇妙的音乐。这绝对是一个很酷的组织。Mache小姐和layabozi的伙伴们总能从最新的现场和乐队中发现出一些神奇的东西。而我们相信,这些玩意儿,正是你需要的。” — Lucky, guitarist,  sound engineer, and producer

“Its a beautiful thing that you are doing, spreading the love of music made in Shanghai to expats, locals and strangers around the world alike. Some of the bands I have seen here would have easily passed my radar if it weren’t for Layabozi. Keep up the good work Mache!” — EMPFAB, producer and DJ

“I Love Layabozi!  It’s been here in Shanghai as long as I can remember, and it’s a really positive force.  It seems like LYBZ is always listening, supporting, questioning, explaining, and most of all dancing.  The site itself has gone through changes – it looks better now – but the content has always been solid.  I go for the interviews, podcasts and show reviews, and to check up on Shanghai music all over the spectrum.  Cheers to Layabozi, and wish them the best.” — Sam Mau Mau, DJ, and manager of The Ice Cream Truck

“Layabozi is a quirky and independent site dedicated to all things music in Shanghai and beyond. Its scope and voice provide a valuably distinct and unique perspective of the music scene in Shanghai.” — Lisa Movius, MAO Livehouse

“Layabozi is a true supporter of live music. They promote artists in Shanghai and really help enrich the city with world culture.  If Layabozi is writing about it, it is sure to be an interesting show.” — Sean Higgins, Pianist

“Cheerful, heart warming, page long of thought, our friend uplifting” — Peipei, aka Little Punk, Boys Climbing Ropes

“Layabozi puts a positive spin on the fragile Shanghai music scene. Layabozi covers the Shanghai music scene with emotional integrity” — Michael Ohlsson, The Antidote


Layabozi team is forever thankful for all the love, great moments, awesome people, and specially for the amazing musical encounters that we will all share. Beats and cheers!

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