8 ⁂ To 觉 With Jeff Lang



Country groupies, folk junkies, guitar geeks, music lovers, you must be at either at YuyinTang on Friday March 15th, or at Yugong Yishan Saturday March 16th to 觉 with Jeff Lang. Because…


1st ⁂

The music, of course.


2nd ⁂

The guitars. Lang is to guitars, as Neymar is to balls. Lang’s guitars list  is long, perhaps the most noticed of them all is his Churchill Lap Stell, the slide guitar that stars every Lang’s show. The full list for the geeks is on Lang’s site.


3rd ⁂

The concert he played at YuyinTang on 2009 was unforgettable by every person in that audience.


4th ⁂

The display of energy by Jeff Lang during his shows, one man shows, is outstanding. Lang flows with the vibe of the moment magically. He is known for working without a set list and having the skill to drive the crowd into his vibe, and then take them along for his ride. And that ride is inspiring and fun.


5th ⁂

The mad exhibition of skills to play guitar and sing.


6th ⁂

His latest album Carried In Mind released in 2012 was awarded Best Blues And Roots Album of the year by the Autralian Records Industry Association.


7th ⁂

The episode of TED in Shanghai 2010 featuring Jeff Lang.

[Tudou video]


8th ⁂

“Goree Island”, his latest collaboration is in this song by Cae.

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