8 ⁂ To Rock Nadaam For Kids In Mongolia


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Shonkhoodoi is an orphanage in Darkhan-Uul (a very very cold city), Darkhan Aimag (province), Mongolia. It was founded by T. Tumur, a Mongolian man trained in the circus arts. He is the director of the orphanage and is assisted by his wife, B. Battsetseg. Currently they house twenty children, with the youngest being five years old. Money is extremely tight. To save money, the kids are famous for improvising equipment, such as using old ketchup bottles to juggle.

The orphanage was recently visited twice as part of Rock Naadam. The first was by Shanghai’s Banana Monkey. That trip was made possible by Shanghai volunteer organization BEAN. Along with small gifts and a cake, handmade cards by school children in Shanghai were made for the Shonkhoodoi kids by students of teacher Franco Rodriguez (aka Fierce Franco of The Horde).

The second Rock Naadam visit was by Kitsune Records artists IS TROPICAL. Again, small gifts were given to the children. We are currently in talks with IS TROPICAL to release a charity single for benefit of Shonkhoodoi.

The money raised this Saturday will buy nice equipment for the kids to do their performances with better resources, and so, to motivate them.

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云踪者 Air Walker

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Arm The Faithless “Arm The Faithless (无人声Demo)”   

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