8 ⁂ To Rrose With Void


Behold techno worshipers. Rejoice. Void summoned Rrose to lead the heavy bass rite at The Shelter this Friday.

Here we go.


1st ⁂

The name of Rrose is echoing underground with much power among “those who know”. Tales about Rrose’s gigs and music are spreading as a well known secret by techno geeks. The story of Rrose and the extinct label Sandwell District is being whispered around the planet. Rrose is being proclaimed the renovator of industrial techno by “those who know”. And “those who know” know well, the consistency of Rrose’s work is indeed strong. With each new track, album, podcast, and gig, Rrose reaches new listeners that get caught in his sound. It’s been said Rrose is on the way to become a giant.


2nd ⁂

The set Rrose did for the Smoke Machine podcast, it was published in November 2012.


3rd ⁂

What Shanghai Ultra, leader of Void, says about Rrose: “Rrose’ music operates on another level, powerful, deep, hypnotic techno. He has his own sound whilst at the same time his music bears all the hallmarks of a member of the infamous Sandwell District collective before its abrupt demise. This is the first time anyone from the most highly-respected collective in techno today has come to China and Void are very proud to host him. We like to think the guests we bring are of the highest quality and I know anyone who comes out to see this guy will agree once they’ve witnessed his sound with their own ears first hand in the club.”


4th ⁂

The eight (!) recordings  Rrose has published through his label Eaux on Bandcamp. All of them must be listened. The first one is the set  Rrose did for Resident Advisor’s podcast last year, this one unleashed frenzy among RA readers The latest is his EP  Wedge Of Chastity. A quick review of it, the three tracks in Wedge Of Chastity are profound bass inventiveness.


5th ⁂

The set Rrose did for Techno Artefacts.


6th ⁂

The latest release by Rrose , his track “Life” in the EP Preternity, a vinyl with four tracks, remixes of the forthcoming album of Dadub in Stroboscopic Artefacts.


7th  ⁂

The first reports about Rrose revealed he was not into showing himself. The first images registered of him were either a skull, or photos of him with his face covered by a halo . It was understood then that he was not into exposing himself to press, neither to the madness resulting of popularity. But recently more photos of him have been appearing around the net, popularity’s fee of course, but specially because he started to appear cross-dressed to his gigs.  A couple days ago, he confessed in an interview by our neighbors SmartShanghai that he is an easy victim once he starts to talk.  Rrose is flowering, I couldn’t resist writing it, and I won’t resist missing the chance to be at his gig and witness a moment on his way to stardom. Friday at The Shelter will be a great one, specially for the voyeurs, to see Rrose and what is all this talk about his music and gigs.


8th ⁂

The set about Rrose by DJ Wensen of Void, to warm up for this Friday.






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