Alec Haavik And Friends, Recharged and Ready To Rock


This Saturday and the next one Alec Haavik will present a couple of big shows. The first one will be with old time music partner Li Daiguo, and the next one with one half of Shanghai’s disco trinitrotoluene duo Acid Pony. Clemente (once known as Doraemon). Needless to say both concerts will be spellbinding for music lovers.

Among the thing that will happen during these two days is that you will get to listen to Erica Lee singing opera-jazz-rock, the Ponies fusioning their beats with traditional Chinese music, and even some Bollywood singing that’s also promised as part of the menu. It seems difficult to find an event blending more music genres by talents that you know are pro, so they can only enchant and impress you.

You can find the details about the two concert on LYBZ’s Gig Calendar.

While, have a bite of Haavik’s games with the Ponies and friends to get ready for this weekend.
[Youtube video]

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