Alec Haavik Friction Alliance Returns To JZ

It’s been too long without the colorful craziness of Alec Haavik in JZ Club.

Last year Mr. Haavik stopped his classic weekly gigs at JZ. The legend says he found himself struggling with the mystery behind a strange equation that involved red balls, the bus line 42, and the construction of a song in 35  beats. Such existential issues need to breath to be solved indeed. Provoking creative changes, and solving musical trigonometry unknown factors in Haavik’s universe is a subject I don’t dare to understand, but only respect.

Now, I’m very please to tell you that the cosmic storm has passed, and Alec Haavik, his mates Jhonny Jossef ( insane mystic drummer) and Fred Grenade (funky creole bassist), plus Haavik’s Jupiterean suits and tunes will all be back to JZ Club for a set of weekly gigs every Thursday of March with special guests, plus new sounds coming from an array of guitar effects pedals just added to Haavik’s arsenal.

Alec Haavik Friction Alliance, or just the Friction — to overcome the unstable isotopes — live in a dimension where jazz meets the power of rock to explore the space beyond paradigms and break them with poetry. Happiness and curiosity are just few of the things to feel while we wait for March to start, we’ll see how evolved the Friction’s saga “The Mind Is A Time Machine” (the song that started their nectarous cosmic storm). And “secretly” I’ll hope that the disco fairies will hear my request and hypnotized the Friction’s will making them play again one or two new awesome adaptations of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath’s best classics, just because I’ll  love to float again in the intersection of all those dimensions of music.

Check the schedule below to know when is time to loose your mind. In the meantime smack your lips (and ears) with some of the Friction’s historic opera magna

Eye Opener by EYEOPENER

Step Into The Red Ball And You Will Expand by EYEOPENER

The Meaning (take 1) by EYEOPENER

March 1

Alec Haavik Friction Alliance with special guest Erica Lee

Canto-Pop rising star Erica Lee gives voice to Alec Haavik’s compositions, including “The Mind is a Time Machine” and “Step Into the Red Ball”.

March 8

“Electro Jazz” with Alec Haavik Friction Alliance

Special guest DJ Fu Hwa spins live loops, and synth scientist Steinar Nickelsen creates future sounds, in this experimental night of Electro Jazz.

Opening band at 9pm Blue Koi Collective, the free jazz for the masses band that includes Alec Haavik’s sax

March 15

Alec Haavik Friction Alliance with special guest Andrew Page

Friction Alliance welcomes pianist Andrew Page, creative improvisor of jazz, rock, and classical music, and emissary of the New York creative music scene.

March 22

“Double Guitar Action” with Alec Haavik Friction Alliance

Guitar heros Lawrence Ku and Mario Trane bring full-on rock energy of two guitars to Alec Haavik’s music.

March 29

Alec Haavik Friction Alliance

It’s the curtain call for this historic first JZ run of Friction Alliance. With big surprises and mystery special guests!

JZ Club

46 Fuxing Xi Lu (Near Yongfu Lu)

Start at 10pm

No Door Charge

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