Androsace Announces China Tour Dates 2012

Androsace just told us that they are ready to start their first tour around China. They haven’t played live recently because their guitar player, Sasha, just got married. Done with that, and the honey moon, the band is ready to rock the brains of Chinese rock heads off.

Dario, drummer of Androsace, says they are excited “…and most of all we really look forward to bring rock to the masses around China! It will be really exciting to play in new venues and in different cities around this big country! Meet new local bands and make new friends.”

For the tour Androsace will do an special reissue of their first album, a tour edition, the album will have a couple of additional bonus tracks recorded in Novemeber at YuyinTang during the concert for the release of the album, and it will have a new look too.

Finally, the band produced a clip to promote the tour, a little summary of the craziness they exhibit during their concerts. Androsace is a solid hard rock band, they are putting a lot of passion and hard work in their music and promotion, and this tour will certainly fertilize them more.

Check the dates on the flyer, and be a fool, go to headbang with them to the concert in your city.

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