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New chiptune-y, guitar-driven, spoken wordy Shanghai band Astrofuck is making moves.

We introduced you to Andy, Kaine, and HHH about three weeks ago in anticipation of their first show. At the time, they didn’t have any demos that would allow you to sample the goods. To paraphrase The Good Book: The world wept.

You can now dry those tears, as they have new demos up on their Douban page now, as well as a live bootleg from their first show. The Yuyintang crowd got a little participatory in that one and it is pretty cool.

Clement Pony recorded the demos in Studio Pony. He did a bit of effects and drum touching up, but they are unmastered as of now. They still sound pretty good, though. I’m quite partial to “Love is Shit” but see how you feel.

Astrofuck will be playing live again this Saturday night at Yuyintang along with Spill Your Guts and iAmalam as part of Death to Giants’ Blood Pours Out release party.


Astrofuck “Sugar Free Coke”


Astrofuck “1 PM (Shanghai dialect)”


More on Astrofuck’s Douban

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