Big Beach Festival 2012


Although we at Layabozi usually squawk about Chinese music happenings, we will make a special exception for the Big Beach Festival occurring this weekend in Japan.

Nineteen thousand one hundred ninety nine attendants will surround my very lucky camera and me this Saturday, June 2nd on the beach of Makuhari Seaside Park in the city of Chiba in Tokyo prefecture.

The creatively-illustrated official website drops words like LEGENDARY and MASSIVE, and it looks like it will live up to the hype because even if it is only a one-day festival, the line-up is well worth the flight from Shanghai, the ticket cost, and the lies I told my boss to get the time off (anyway, I already quit so not to worry: ‘HA-Haw!, boss’ by Nelson Muntz).

Just FYI, and to unleash your greenest envy: The Chemical Brothers, Sven Väth, John Digweed, Matthias Tanzmann, Beardyman, Timo Mäas, Shinichi Osawa, and many others will be performing in front of me, two other ridiculously lucky Shanghai ren and a sea of anime-looking, sake-drinking, cartoon-style dressed music lovers or ravers, as Time Out called them last year.

It should, more or less, look like this:


So, I have already printed out my electronic iFlyer e-Ticket and the below schedule just to be sure I’m in the right place at the right time.


Also, I just figured out that next to the main stages, there will be our favorite: the Jagermeister stage. I am now wondering what kind of electronic, fantastic, futuristic giveaways we will be blessed in collecting over there.

So, at this point, I am well excited not only about discovering this new country for the first time, to be on a beach, to finally participate in a HUGE festival with good mates and thousands of strangers but also about the official after parties that will be held at Womb and Warehouse702 on Saturday evening. Depending on how we feel at the time, we may prefer to follow Mr. Digweed and Mr. Mäas to Warehouse702 or Sven, Matthias and Satoshi to Womb. We are probably going to opt for the latter, but I would bet that not everything goes according to our plan.

Given all the excitement, the great music, the outdoors, the good fresh air, the sand between my toes, the free hugs and the best-outfit-photo-competition that my camera is going to shoot ever, my only concern is to make it back home on Sunday. Wish me luck and stay tuned for the photo report next week…

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