Bigongbijing Album Release


Summer is  coming loaded with much new music produce in home, and we are loving it. We want music! And we are now getting some from Bigongbijing. We’ve been hearing a lot from them on Androsace’s Diary of their China tour, we know these guys are serious party rockers, and now we’ll know how serious they are about their rock.

Bigongbijing will release their new album this Saturday, we’ve already pimped another two gigs happening this Saturday, I don’t know how are we going to be at all of them, but I know we’ll be  everywhere.

Bigongbijing will play at Live Bar with their best friends Androsace as supporting band, and also Stalin Gardens, and TNT. The entrance is 30rmb and includes the album.

Sneak a taste of Bigongbijing’s new album with these two tunes.


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