Blatta & Inesha, Techno Nouveau


Italian duo Blatta & Inesha will play tonight at the so delayed, and therefore expected, opening of Ibiza, the new club and playground for the ill S.T.D. kids. (you know, we love to party with S.T.D.).

Start to prepare your outfit, this one is for fashionable peeps, specially having Italian and French DJs at the booth. Along with Blatta & Inesha will be Tom Deluxx twisting the knobs.  We chose to pimp Blatta & Inesha.

The Italian duo has an evident deviation for strong basses and disco rhythms, easy to dance tempos, and simple loops that can get the mass quickly bouncing, forgetting that human kind has evolved, going back to monkey in a blink. The kind of music that many party people uses to avoid reality, and get drunk with mixed alcohol and beats. Club music,  mass-ive-sh-it, music for the masses in heat.

All the info about tonight is on the flyer!

Don’t click play if you are seriously religious about music.




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