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On May I got a call and an email from Nichols “Wu Mao” offering me to go in a tour with Capitan Tifus around China.  I never heard of them, are they okay?, when?, how?, all that, and yes, let’s do it. Almost one hundred emails later, I am now ready to go meet them in Beijing and start the trip.

Capitan Tifus started their Mondo Tour with their latest album E Viva! on May. They played in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Italy, Czeck Republic, Austria, Rusia, and are now on the way to China.

They come with a big bio from their origin in Buenos Aires, where they first signed with EMI for the release of their first album, and then with Newton Records for E Viva!.

They have worked with some great musicians from Argentina. You might not know this, but Argentina has huge rock heros, as a matter of fact my all time rock heroes are from Argentina (another reason for me to go with “Los Tifus”)

The arrangements for their tour in China have been carefully managed by Nichols. It has really been an invation to my e-mail inbox, the last three months every week I have got at least a couple of updates about the process to book the venues, the hotels, the arrangements for the instruments, etc. etc. It’s been about that or about their tour in Europe, or that a new festival in China book them, or do we fly? do we rent a van?, and “hey, meet this guy that’s doing this thing for the tour and he needs this info”, even a “hey we are rocking this place in Europe”,”can’t wait to rock in China”, and more. These guys are a bomb of energy with automatic refilled. I am as excited as worried (about my survival) about this tour. I don’t want to start yet to imagine the posibble adventures of being the bridge to connect five Argentinean rockers on adrenaline with China. How many universes are there? My mind is set on mode “chill, everything will be fine, unless someone is in real danger, there is nothing to worry for”. I just hope the sound works well everywhere, and yes, I know, that will not happen, but maybe it will not be a big issue. I hope.

Capitan Tifus’ music is the same kind of music made by the extremely awesome Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, legends of Latin rock, Los Fabulosos were a latin rock band that kicked ass since their beginnings on 1983, I think their music is a mix of everything that crossed their path mixed with rock, specially a bit of ska, a bit of latin folk, more rock, and some tropical rhythyms too. Los Tifus add to that mix their own style, plus some sound-spices from the balcans. The voice of the leading singer, Vicky, has a taste to Vicentico’s voice, singer of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. You might remember the song “Matador”, maybe not, though I think that song made it to every corner of the world. One second. I will get it for you. Here:

And since we are doing this, then listen to this one too:


There are at least three albums of Los Fabulosos that are absolute classics. It’s totally adviceable to digg into their discography.

These kinds of bands are usually incredibly fun in their concerts, so my expectations for the tour with Capitan Tifus are a high. Their albums sound like they must produce a good party on the stage. They are full of nice melodies, and fun rhythyms.

The itinerary of the tour is a bit intense, that should make it even more fun (I hope). Come to meet them and to party with us, and come to have a beer with me too.

I am not sure if I will be able to report about the tour during the trip, but I will do my best to be posting some updates. In any case, sooner or later you will be hearing more about this trip. The first tour of an (ultra energetic) Argentinean rock band in China.

Check the tour dates below.



Capitan Tifus — Tour 2012 Mondo Vivo
9月26日-北京 Beijing 愚公移山 Yugong Yishan
9月27日-天津 Tianjing 13Club
9月28日-青岛  Qingdao Cape 3
10月1日-郑州 Zhengshou 7 Livehouse
10月2日-武汉 Wuhan Vox
10月3日-合肥  Hefei 在路上酒吧 Bar On The Road
10月4日 – 南京 Nanjing Castle Bar
10月11日 – 杭州 Hangzhou 9 Club
10月12日-上海 Shanghai 育音堂 YuyinTang
10月14日-南昌 Nanchang 黑铁酒吧  Heitie Livehouse
10月19日-广州 Guangzhou  City Tianyi Vice lobby of  Hei Wo
10月20日-香港  HongKong TBD

For more information check their Douban page.

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