Cassius, Arkham, Saturday

Cassius Flyer-Chinese

Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass, the French duo Cassius, are playing this weekend in Shanghai. Cassius has been producing music since 1988, twenty five years of beats and parties must definitely place them as dance floors professionals.

Among Cassius hits are singles as “Cassius 1999,” “Feeling for you,” “Toop Toop,” and “Why I Love You So” which was sampled by Jay Z and Kanye West. If you like house, like lots of Shanghairen do, then it’s very possible you have already danced to many Cassius’ tracks.

The party, produced by the guys of City Moments, will be this Saturday at Arkham, you should bring your camera to play along with the dudes of party photos, and go fashionably ready to be paparazzied. Find all the details on our gig calendar, including the email address where to get the pre-sale tickets. And while, warm up for Saturday with these tunes.
[Youtube video]


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