Daedelus of our times

Since I hear about Daedelus, I was thinking who is this guy I think I know. Well is not Daedelus, but Daedalus the one I knew about, and according to sacred wikipedia; “he was a most skillful artificer, or craftsman, so skillful that he was said to have invented images that seemed to move about.” He was the father of the very famous Icarus too; the crazy guy that died for flying to near the Sun, and actually was Daedalus himself who made the wings for Icarus to fly away and escape of their prison on the Island of Crete; they were arrested by King Minos, the one that had the Labyrinth (David Bowie was living there once), because Daedalus gave a string to Mino’s daughter for her trip to go and rescue her boyfriend Theseus who was in the Labyrinth trying to survive all the scary things you can find in a labyrinth, like, for example, this.

Daedelus, who is not Daedalus, born in U.S.A, did took his name from the creative Greek mythology character, also from Stephan Dedalus a James Joyce’s character (related to the first Daedalus too), as well as the ship in the Japanese cartoon Robotech. So this Daedelus, is a basically a summary of all the ones coming from Daedalus. Seems complicated but actually is not, really. So it’s Daedelus music, which seems a bit too deep to just be jumping around, but for what I’ve read and listen seems he is a big load of fun while he is playing.

This Daedelus, seems to be as inventive as the greek one, though less in trouble, we hope. His very musical origin begins in jazz, with the cool double bass and bass clarinet (he liked bass). He also plays guitar and accordion, they say, but all these instrument were just not fulfilling Daedelus musical spirit until he discover all the toys he could use playing electronic music. The legend says Daedelus has the power to mix a vast amount of music styles including hip-hop, pop, house and swing, making all of them fit together in such a way that still it can’t be totally described (if someone there needs more subcategories for music) and that he keeps crowds dancing forgetting their muscles, feet and work the day after, just like Icarus forgot he must not fly so near the Sun. Good thing: seems Daedelus does not burn.

So the news here is Daedelus will be playing today at The Shelter. He is coming to inaugurate the first event produced by Free the Wax guys, who choose Daedelus, because they hear him last summer somewhere not far from Greece actually, and they thought this is something that we must see and hear live. Because Daedelus is performing his music live with all his extremely fun electronic toys or instruments for all those serious about music.

I have been listening to some of his tracks and, seriously, he is very creative; electronic music for dancing seems very easy music, scientifically talking, and it is actually, just lets make clear that easy is not the same as unoriginal or empty, but once in while they all get mixed and confused. Until you hear something like a ray of light, lightning the darkness with creativity, reminding you that actually all music is art, (even Amerikan Sound… … … auch! that hurt) so it’s good to pay attention and listen what you are listening while you are jumping, dancing, drinking and flirting, because you might be listening a work of art. So far, this’s my expectation about Daedelus.

You can download some of his tracks here

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