Dakou This Saturday at YYT

A bit of self promotion is good for our self esteem, that’s what I’ve been told. And now it seems very right.

We have been working on another concert, this year we started to produce some live music events, thanks to the encouraging insistence of wise friends. And they were right about it. It has been specially fun and interesting to get together bands, and music, that usually would not meet often, but when they have met the result has been pretty magical, I think. Like when we had jazz on YuyinTang rocking on the stage.  We like to mix things, and we have fun creating ideas and producing them. And for this time we came out with a new concept, and an idea to exhibit the graphic work we have done this year with music, and a cool line up of bands. Check it out.

First we got this new name for our concerts. Dakou. 打口. I hope you like it, we do. Then we talked with Squinzi and Ox and we thought it would be proper to show all the work we have done this year through photos and videos, we already did an exhibition on our first concert this year, it seemed logical to do this now. So we had this meeting, and when Squinzi and Ox started to talk about ideas on how to do the exhibitions, I thought they were super creative, so creative that maybe they were probably hallucinating. I’m happy to tell you that this week on our last meeting they totally blew my mind when they showed me they actually found the way to do what they were imagining to do.  They got a keyboard, a software, tons of photos and videos, a cool design for the set up, and all that will be put together in the room on the second floor of YuyinTang. They also got some photos from our archives of the last years, so be ready,  you might see some pictures of you, your friends, or your favorite bands, from three or four years ago rocking and partying (like you still do now). With Ox and Squinzi will be Skinny Brown, aka Sal, and his citara adding cool waves of sounds to those images. I’m super excited about this, I want to be there to see their idea materialized and to play with it.

And the music. Of course! The plan for this concert actually started on the first concert we did this year, when at the end of it or some time near the end, I believe, Damen (Duck Fight Goose’s drummer) and I talked about Theo Croker’s band. Damen studied drums  for a bit with Chris Trzcinski, and we talked about him, and Charles Foldesh (Theo Croker band’s drummer) and about other drummers, and we thought it would be nice to have Duck Fight Goose playing with some of this bands on a same concert. Then later *LLND’s Laurent and Pechou, and I have also been talking about doing something together for a while. They are full of ideas and will, so it was just a matter of time until we find the right time to do our first event together. Then a couple of months ago Theo Croker got a container of effects to play with, and he told me he wanted to get into electronic sounds with his band, and that they are all getting effects, and they of course want to play again at YuyinTang. The thing is that every time we have been together at YuyinTang their jazz spirits turn on, and it’s like their blood warms up, and jazz gets horny with rock, or something like that, and some kind of magic thing happens that brings a lot of energy for all of us, them and us listening to them. So Theo formed a new band, an electronic one, The X Clan, and they will debut this Saturday at YuyinTang.

On the other hand a couple of months ago we worked together with olivepixel and Blaise of ROM for the concert of DJ Vadim with his new band The Electric, and I had a nice time with them, and ROM was soon to release their new album (that was two weeks ago).  Also ROM and *LLND are somehow neighbors, but never have been together at YuyinTang. So that was a 1 + 1 logic to apply. This weekend Blaise won’t be able to play with ROM, so Downstate will be instead of him, I love Blaise DJing, but I also like Downstate with ROM, he seems to be going through a very good period too. And I’m glad that I’ll work with these guys, they are pretty mysterious to me, so I’m sure it will be interesting to spend some more hours with them.

iAmalamb was the perfect addition to this mix of effects, sounds, and androids. Recently we got a new addition to Layabozi, miss Trilce and some of her management powers, and she was regretting she was not in Shanghai when we had The Song Dynasty playing on our first concert, she asked me to invite them, and I thought it was right, they have had a really nice year with their music, they have done lots of nice shows, and they released their album too. I talked with Ryan and he told me Kate (their singer) was not going to be here during these days, but they have this new band, that’s very very new, and they wanted to play live. Ryan sent me a recording of their first songs, and they are just perfect to open the parade of electronic performances we already got together for this Saturday. You’ll see why on Saturday.

Finally Pechou the VJ of *LLND, will be vjing for the concert and the other bands too. Except for ROM of course, that’s olivepixel territory. Squinzi said about her something very right, Pechou is just awesome, with just a few toys and her creativity she makes you happy, and you just need so few to be happy with her. I’m happy that we are finally doing something together, we talked so much about it this year, and I’m enjoying to work with VJs.

One more person to name, the awesome flyer is by +mi. And this is the back of it:

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