Diary Of A Chinese Tour: Special Edition — Androsace's Sunday Suicide


Androsace’s China tour is almost over, one more gig to go, and that’s it. No more cheap hotels, drunk naps parked on the spot, no more missed trips, nor legendary rock conquests in lands where riffs are still a dream. Their tour has been documented, but I’m sure still they are processing the stories, and probably still they haven’t sized the relevance of this experience for the band, and for each of them. As I see it, these indie rock bands doing tours counting their coins, playing shows where Sabbath or Prince haven’t yet raped their ears and souls, making music in small scale in one of the biggest countries of the world, these bands are heroes. And in this case, they also really rock big time. Therefor, this last concert of Androsace’s tour will be memorable.

The show is free, it will start at 2pm on Sunday July 15th at YuyinTang. They will have the air cons blowing freezing air, and very cold beers to supply thousands of dragons in heat. The first one hundred persons re publishing their event on Weibo will get a free CD. They are also releasing short videos of their tour every two days on their Youku channel, and on Sunday they will show their mini documentary of their tour.

(Androsace on Weibo)

One more thing to say. This tour was the first one of Androsace, they will sure do more in the future, but it was their first one, and the last one they did with their first formation, Seb left China a some time ago, and so the band got a new bass player. But sure Seb will be missed. As an special feature part of Androsace’s Diary for this tour, Seb sent a good bye note to share with Androsace’s fans. Good times. Rock stories.


As I already had done a few times for my work this year before, I took a plane on June 17th , from Shanghai to Singapore, except this time was a one way trip.

After more than 5 years in Shanghai, I had  the chance to start something new, meaning I would also have to leave behind quite a lot, including my mates from Androsace.

Music has always been important in my life, first as a young listener trading tapes and CDs with friends, and later as a guy on stage, trying to imitate my idols, look cool, and eventually getting a couple of free beers, which is always nice.

Playing music gave me the chance to meet and play with different people, playing different styles, in different places, at different times, but always with the same spirit of building something, having fun, and sharing (sharing tastes, experiences, culture, goals, skills, memories, girls, beers…).

With Androsace, I have to say I pushed the experience pretty far, since what I have been living with these guys had many different aspects, and took a very important part of my life for almost a year and a half.

From the first time I met Dario (answering to one of his post on romantic), when he asked me with a very worried look in the eyes if I liked Queen and Led Zeppelin (ah ah..Dont Lose Your Heeeead!!), until we played in Midi Festival in Beijing, I have thousands of memories in mind, including first times:
1st time I met Lenz and soon understood what was hiding inside her (releaaase the KRAKEN!!!)
1st time I met Sasha and realized you could be the most relax unworried guy and also have an enormous ultra technical talent at the guitar (and open beers with your teeth).
1st gig at YYT, still looking so fresh and virgin of filth and sins… check the pictures, guys!
1st gig out of Shanghai, when I understood we would never be able to catch the same train at the same time.
1st interview, when you realize what you thought was smart and cool to say can actually look quite silly when you later read it (!)
1st time you watch yourself on a video, when everybody says “wow it’s cool, great”, but is actually thinking about the way he looks on stage (!)
I could also mention the 1st CD, the 1st flyer, the 1st guy in the audience saying “good job!”, the first money you make, etc.

I also keep thinking about a lot of other great moments I (we) had, such as the games in the trains, the thousands of beers (and baijiu)we had, the late evenings doing handmade CDs at Juju, the reviews on internet, the rehearsals, the endless (but necessary) talks about communication “strategy”, Androsace spirit, goals and priorities, the laughs, the photo shooting half naked in a Beijing public park, the gigs in front of 5 people one day and 500 the day after, the check-in in weird hotels (even more weird after we left), hours in taxis, buses, trains, planes, cars, subways, the schizo feeling of wearing a leather jacket and jeans smelling piss, puke, beer and smoke on Sunday, and a then a tie on Monday, the weekend in Yunnan, the bedroom with Sascha in Beijing, the riot in Mao Livehouse during Fete de la Musique, Lenz getting crazy on stage, and many more.

We also had our part of fights and disagreements, about music, gigs, lyrics, budget, but what has always amazed me is that how come 4 people so different from each other (age, culture, experience, priorities) could eventually make something such as what we did (something I would qualify as “great” but hey, that’s my own opinion). I really think our differences helped to move forward and reach something both unique and matching with what we wanted.

A small comment regarding the experience as a bass player – guys, for me, playing with each one of you has been a real pleasure; you put both heart and high level skills, which really made the job easier and fun. I have learnt a lot.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support and patience of people around us (friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, bars, clubs, bloggers, journalists, other bands, kids coming to see us, etc). A special thanks to Rubbish (we all have your shoe shape on our asses – thanks again for the positive ass kicking), Rhys, Juju studio team, and those freaks from outer space – also known as Bigongbijing (guys, my liver is much better since I left, thanks).

To summarize Androsace, and to make a big huge “cliché”, I would say playing with Androsace is like your 1st time at a real local small chinese restaurant – as a laowai:
You don’t know what to expect.
You sometimes have to fight to get what you want.
You sometimes feel bad the day after.
You always have cartons of warm beers not too far.
You know when you arrive, but don’t know when you will leave.
Pictures always look better than the reality.
It is noisy, and sometimes smelly.
Friends are always welcome.
It quite often brings you more than what you expected.
You can always take something (or someone… Dario added ) back home with you.
You know eventually one day you will go back there!

While I am writing this, Androsace is on the way to Shenzhen and Guangzhou for more adventures. Keep on rocking guys!!

Thanks for everything. That was fun. I will see you soon.


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