Dorian Concept: When Music Moves Forward

Today Dorian Concept guided a master class to show the technique he uses to create his music. The meeting was interesting and he certainly created expectations for the gig organized by Free the Wax tonight at The Shelter.

One thing that I admire about electronic musicians is the freedom they feel from the technique of instrumental music. Not that technique is not valuable, and not that electronic musicians don’t develop technique, but they do move a step away from the classroom, usually forget manuals and books, and just play, in all the meanings of the word. I remembered this today at Dorian Concept’s exhibition–the respect I have for electronic musicians, for their curiosity to experiment with new sounds and their freedom to search beyond the rules.

Free the Wax is doing a great job bringing cats who are not only mixing but making music on the turntables. The question of whether or not DJs are musicians is finding an answer in the music Free the Wax is presenting. Although, now that we are talking about this, maybe the question is not whether DJs are musicians or not, but rather that there is not yet clear nomenclature to talk about electronic musicians playing live, mixing, sampling, beating, turning, spinning, scratching, etc. etc. Today Dorian Concept said that he thinks of himself not as a DJ but as a live electronic act. To me this is like saying a sax player is an aerial performer. Synths, computers, and cables have been here making music already for decades, and still we haven’t agreed on an appropriate title for these musicians. On the other hand, maybe the lack of identity is somehow keeping them free to create. The electronic world definitely moves music forward and expands the area for creation, and Dorian Concept is living proof.

We’ll be going over Dorian Concept’s work again. He told me he is releasing a new album soon and I’m excited to hear it and review it. For now, you can learn more about him on his myspace page, at monday jazz, and at nutriot. Finally, here’s a very cool video he showed today of Dorian Concept and friends jamming. Don’t miss him at The Shelter this Thursday night!

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