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These guys have been bee-busy these last weeks. They haven’t yet finished to come back from SXSW, and already they are warming up to drop this bomb in Shanghai, their first vinyl. This the story.

Four record labels, two tracks, one band. If we do the math of this project, one can only conclude that Duck Fight Goose are delicious.

Genjing Records, Maybe Mars, Tenzenmen, and Uptown Record Store united forces to produce and release this one, the first seven inch, and the first vinyl of Duck Fight Goose. The record has two tracks. “History”, which is a song that we dissected with Duck Fight Goose themselves during the interview we did for the release of their latest album Sports. I specially dig it because this song brings out the voice of Han Han in an special way, showing much more of himself. That, plus the lyrics, plus the development of the song guided by the always awesome battling drums of Damen, all, make this song an epic one.

The second track is a fresh one, a remix of the already classic “Ghost is Online” from the first album of the band Flow, the freshness to this track is added by Brad Ferguson who is the producer of this mix. This is cool stuff, birds.

Some extra details that make this release even more outstanding: the vinyl is a limited edition of five hundred copies, the record itself is white, the design of the cover is done by Han Han himself, and the release of this magnificent work will be this Sunday, April 1st, at YuyinTang, the entrance will be only 40 rmb, and it includes the album. Aha. And once you are there, notice that the band will be around, ready to sign it with much love for you.

See you there.



Buy History 7” on Genjing Records.

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And read about Duck Fight Goose on SXSW on Brad Ferguson’s blog.



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