Dynamoon Jazz Up the Storm

We could hide at home, scare of getting wet, and blowing away. But that’s not our style. Tonight we are spicing up this Valentine’s storm with a blast of music for hipsters, and savages.
We are digging the storm. Yesterday the Zebra festival lost the stripes and turned into a kitty cancelling their show, we got hit, and Helen Feng landed on our Dynamoon with  her solo project Nova Heart.
We already told you about The Polymorph Extra, who will be opening the concert tonight.
To spice up the show Upna Vala will be grooving, and jamming, and beat-trancing with DJ Caution, and maybe even, if we feel cooler, we’ll add some power drumming to call the rain.
The cherry on the top will be set by Theo Croker and his sextet of cool cats. We are expecting Croker and his trumpet will blow up the typhoon, the romance, and the wild night ahead of us. The cats of this band sure know how to play with thunders and blowing winds.
The worst that could happen is that we’ll be locked in YuyinTang with awesome music, and a bar to drink until tomorrow. So, we are pretty much partying this typhoon, and digging the blow. If this is not enough for you to move your tale to our concert, check out these awesome music to warm your ears up.

Spanish Joint (doktor audio mix) by Theo Croker

The Zulu Stop Interlude by Theo Croker

…. And if this is not enough, well.. then …

You Don’t Know What Love Is (live May 26) by Theo Croker

Find more about Theo Croker on his official website.

Find more about Helen Feng’s Nova Heart on her Douban page.

More details about Dynamoon on our the electronic flyer.

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