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Tomorrow Saturday Excess Luggage will present with an early show at House of Blues and Jazz, the show is part of JUE Festival.

It’s been long time since we don’t talk about jazz, and longer since we don’t hype a gig at the loved House of Blues and Jazz. We are reorganizing to bring back jazz to Layabozi. Meanwhile check this fun trio composed of a Hammond B3 organ, piano, and drums, therefore their clever name. In their bio they explained that they played together once, and then they realized this was the perfect composition for a trio, and wonder why was not more popular, one plus one, and they found their name.

I’ve never seen them live together, but I have seen one third of them many times, their organ player  Steinar, and I can tell you that whatever he plays I like, he has a special sense of humor when he plays, and he is certainly an interesting musician.

Here you can listen to this tune “Fast Swing”, listen to the drummer Håkon Mjåset Johansen, he can totally swing nicely, and the dialogue between Vigleik Storaas’ piano, and Steinar Nickelsen’s organ, is kind of funky, and definitely colorful and fun. I like how the piano breaks with a curious phrase and then finally is the one running quicker, and how the organ adds layers to the tune, and a metallic background that makes all more solid. It sounds to me like a very funky swing.


Find more about Excess Luggage on their official website.

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