Five years with S.T.D.

What better way to get sick that to get sonically infected?

S.T.D. is indeed infectious, nasty, dirty, noisy, polluted, insulting, outrageous, and one of the best virus from Shanghai, China. Well, not totally like this, but they have caused some troubles, and chaos, and its creators are for real a little nasty and naughty.

All started five years ago when a group of wasted guys with twisted minds had a drunk talk about their need for good parties, great music, and open minded crazy people around them. Their idea included DJs, parties, bands, media, lots of chemistry, games, and a continuous overdose with everything that is good in life.

The greatness of this drunk cats chatting  at dawn on a Shanghai rooftop was that no matter how intoxicated they were (are, still) those ideas were not just another silly useless drunk-talk, they took it seriously and made it happened. Now, after five years of serious dedication to their project and to insane fun, we can celebrate with them their success. S.T.D. has become one of the biggest producers of shows of indie music in China, they have a big crowd that follows them anywhere they go, and S.T.D. is scoring goals periodically.

During their five years of existence S.T.D. has produced some shows that are still in the collective memory of Shanghai and China, and I’m sure that some of them eventually will enter the learned history of music in China, whenever we have our own hall of fame. There are more than a couple of legendary moments that we can thank to S.T.D., especially unforgettable are Fucked Up at the old LOgO which was a monumental gig that I am pretty sure every person that was there or near by, because at a certain point was simply impossible to get one more person in, will never forget. Or Ratatat at the disappeared Dream Factory, which was a huge success, so big not even the police was prepared to keep the order on the streets after the show. It was big not only because Ratatat did a great show, but also because it demonstrate to all of those that were working hard to develop indie music that it was possible to succeed, to get a couple of thousands of people to a concert paying a reasonable fee for the entrance could really happened, that concert was a success for the indie music scene of Shanghai and China. We can add to this list many more great moments, S.T.D. driven by the vision and the charming irreverence of its architect and founder Reggie aka R3 brought life to many great Chinese bands that needed a little extra dose of popularity to become bigger, as Queen Sea Big Shark, or Bigger Bang, among many others that have been supported by S.T.D., plus all the DJs that have joined their shows and have been positively encourage by R3. There are enough good reasons to celebrate their fifth anniversary, if there would be a need of reasons to celebrate, which is not really the case of S.T.D.

With a great excuse to go on with the party, and to produce a bigger party than usual, this weekend S.T.D. is pushing the boat out with two big events. Today in Beijing at Lantern Club the party will feature Surkin, Sulumi, Billy Starman, Lin Feng, and R3. Then tomorrow Saturday, displaying their amazing superpowers for partying the party will go on in Shanghai, at an old abandoned club at No. 1 Wulumuqi rd., I’ve been told that the place is kicking ass badly, this party will feature Queen Sea Big Shark, Sulumi, Surkin, Strip Steve, Ado8, El’Se, Lin Feng, Downstate, Drunk Monk, Tzusing, DJ Zammo, LON, and R3.

To continue the celebration S.T.D. will soon release on their Weibo new dates with shows of Brodinski/Gessafelstein, Tiga and Yuksek.

For now, we wish them all what is epic, vicious, and melodically gleeful. Happy 5 to S.T.D.!!!


Sneak preview for the party by GUMWAP

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