FM3 “Yi Gui 一归”

FM3 SHANGHAI 06 11 2014

Today FM3 are playing at On Stage. If you are free, go. I have been a fan of these guys since I got my first Buddha Machine back in 200… I think… 2006. Anyway, now FM3 released an album named TingShuo, the Buddha Machine is not part of it, but it’s nice anyway.

This is the first album they have released in ten years, but they have been releasing other music during these years, mostly music done with the Buddha Machine and produced by other people, but now this is produced by the duo. The music is done with classic instruments, cello, piano, and a Roland keyboard. It’s soft music, for meditation even, as they say in their introduction.

There are two track of the album right now availble to hear. I chose “Yi Gui 一归” because it reminds me of a the same vibe I got from Popol Vuh and the music they made for Aguirre, The Wrath Of God, something about cold clouds passing by you while on the top of high mountains.

Let me insist, if you are free tonight, go to On Stage.


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