Friend Or Foe What Have You Done With My Claw??!!


This week has been all about new albums from our neighborhood, we are in celebration mode. Tomorrow is the turn of Friend Or Foe and the collection of remixes by local producers of the tracks of My Claw is Never Limp! (2011) that will be release at 390 Livehouse. I already got the album and it’s been fun to listen to it.

What Have You Done With My Claw??!! is the materialization of a good idea for Friend Or Foe to get closer to electronic producers, to have more fun with their first LP, and to hear their own music reinterpretated by other minds. The remixes go from disco, to heavy noisey beats that can make you a bit … well… sick… that LON remix of “Terrorized” is not healthy music, you should be prepare to get dizzy with that one. The remixes by The Horses open and end the album, my favorite is the last one, the remix of “Burn Out Buildings” I like how they distorted the voices and transformed the tune into a drawned bass track.

“Excessive Touching”  is the remix of “I Don’t Wanna Touch It, But I Need It” by Renmin Beats, it’s the funniest track of the album, and the funniest I’ve heard in a while too, the first time I heard the song when it started I thought something went wrong, that maybe Friend Or Foe made a wrong a decission, and wait, let me see, who did that remix?… Soon I realized it was not a mistake, but a great response to the original song.

The remix by Kaobang is the sweet in the album, but it’s the one I like the less, probably I’m not in the mood for sweetness, but I also think is too basic 80’s and it’s not as interesting as the rest of the tracks. Then there is the remix by Luwan Rock, aka Adam Gaensler, of “Smith & Wesson” and that one rocks indeed. It was great to find out  that Luwan Rock connects so well with electronic beats, it’s the first time I hear an electronic song by him, I knew he enjoyed effects on his guitar, but this was a surprise, a cool one.

The remixes are all interesting works, iAmalamb, Throutin, Super Ayi Cleaning Team, Jules Marzman, LON, The Horses, Kaobang, Renmin Beats, Luwan Rock, and just to have a collection of tracks by these producers would make it a nice anthology from China’s electronic scene. What Have You Done With My Claw??!! expands the world of  Friend Or Foe through sounds that are mostly faithful to the essence of the band, sounds that even though are electronic and, almost all, danceable match correctly with the irreverent melodic punk attitude of Friend Or Foe. Most of the producers involved in this work understood and respected the soul of Friend Or Foe, and still found the way to teleport the songs from the Friend Or Foe area to their own enriching the spectrum of the originals. Even the cover of the album suffered a transformation, the original reptilian claw mutated into a chicken foot snack vacuum-packed that gives you the creeps, and it startles you when you open the album. What Have You Done With My Claw??!! is dark and heavy, a bit funny, a bit nasty, a bit ironic, a bit sadistic, and fun, all what Friend Or Foe is too.

The release will be tomorrow night, Friday November 16th at 390 Livehouse and it will include performances by Acid Pony Club, Death To Ponies, Super Ayi Cleaning Team, Kaobang, iAmalamb, and the infamous Friend Or Foe.


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