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Friendly Fires is a British band consisting of Ed Macfarlane, Jack Savidge, and Edd Gibson, who came together to start their first group when they were thirteen years old. Yeah, thirteen, which makes me feel like I wasted my eighth grade year just being awkward, and going through puberty when really I should have been putting together my first indie band. But Ed, Jack and Edd realized they had the potential to be rock stars, put their awkwardness on the backburner, and started playing.

In 2008 they released their self-titled debut album, which turned out to be slow-burning but relatively successful. Friendly Fires trades in electronic pop music with serious disco dance sounds, along with buoyant sing-along lyrics and amusingly enough, samba percussion under it all. Feel-good, electronic, get-up-and-dance stuff. Check out their song “Paris”.


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You can basically hear what exuberance sounds like on “Jump in the Pool”.

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In 2011 they released their second full-length album, Pala. The music sounds are basically the same, but as with any decent second album, fuller and more developed, like “Live Those Days Tonight”. They’re still fun, still danceable, but with more musicality and expansion than before, which makes for a better album than their first. “Hawaiian Air”.

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But to fully appreciate Friendly Fires, see them in person on stage, where they really come alive. These guys are as well-known for their dance moves as they are for their music, so you get a fully entertaining show. Both the music and dancing is infectious, and frankly, it’s pretty funny to see guys who are so pleased with their own music they just can’t help but moving around.


Friendly Fires plays Mao Livehouse on Thursday, May 22. And on May 20th they will play in Beijing at the China Music Valley Festival.







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