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Who’s the happiest cat in the room because finally it’s time for JZ Festival, and it includes the opening of the new JZ Club???!!! … (smiling face, smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes, face with tears of joy, and yes, I dare, smiling face with sunglasses!). During the holidays every time I ran into one of the JZ cats the laughs and smiles were all around because everybody is super excited to have our new spot available to hang around awesome music, and we love love love to party at JZ Festival. Don’t we? Not only that, but I just got the last part of my order of ingredients for the liver-killer jelly shots I’m bringing to spread the happiness around the stages this weekend.

Okay, so let’s do this as quickly as possible so I can go to begin the preparation of those not-healthy-at-all-but-full-of-instant-happiness treats I’m bringing to share, and be very ready to catch the right waves during this great weekend.

First thing. Friday!. This Friday will be the opening of the new JZ Club. Honestly I’m a little conflicted about telling you this because it is going to be a full house party for sure, and why to bring more people in, but on the other hand if you are reading this then I love you, and I want you to be there, obviously. So let’s go and enjoy to be all squeezed and drunk in great music and jazzy drinks, for what I’ve heard the new JZ is made to be centered in music, and there is zero doubts that the party will be BIG. The music will start at 8:08 PM sharp!, of course, with Funk Off the Italian funky marching band known for being mad fun. They will also be at the Festival on Saturday and Sunday. The other bands on the bill are the WDR Big Band Köln who are coming from having a great tour this year, and then a JZ classic, a Jam Session hosted by Dr. Alec Haavik to finish heal all the broken hearts produced during the months that we had no JZ Club around. The cover is 100 rmb. Note to us all: take it easy, we still have 48 hours to go before having time for a hang over.


12:30 – The Passion at Love My Music Stage

In the tradition the openers of the festival are new local blood that deserves the honor. If you manage to woke up early. Go to be impressed by these cats from Xinjiang.

13:30– Bänz Oester & The Rainmakers at Stella Artoise Jazz Harbor

Swiss South African band tight and cool. Listen to one of their tunes. I think this one is to go chill with friends around, trip the solos and enjoy with the band their style.

14:00 – Masaya Fantasista at Lays Jazz Dimension Stage

Japanese beat maker into jazz, soul, and funk. He’s the head of Jazzy Sport a Japanese label that is bringing more music to the festival. Let’s go and get some cool soul beats.

15:00 – Gauthier Roubichou and The Soundmaker at The River Stage

Shanghai’s old timer, former Lions of Puxi, and The Word, Gauthier Roubichou brings to the mix his new band, jazz and hip hop, local Mauritius’ bosses Gilbert Kuppusami and Damien Banzigou will join them. This will be fun.

15:30 – Eddie Gómez Quartet Ft. Li Xiaochuan at Stella Artois Jazz Harbor

Jazz giant moment so this one is a must, Eddie Gómez double bass hero joined by his former student and local trumpet master Li Xiaochuan, this is a classic.

17:00 – Funk Off at The River Stage

In case you didn’t go the previous night to JZ Club’s opening and you missed them, or if you want to see them again. They will be playing since 16:30, but I’m guessing the force will stay strong in the Jazz Harbor with Eddie Gómez all the ninety minutes they have on that stage.

17:30 – MWX vs. HRJ at Stella Artois Jazz Harbor

This is when the boss of JZ gets to have fun. MWX vs. HRJ, a collaboration between world/folk Chinese modernist-music musicians Min Xiao Fen, Wu Wei, Xu Feng Xia, and the fusion jazz local band with musicians Ren Yu Qing (the boss), Huang Jian Yi, and Jhonny Joseph. They are coming with a mix of their sounds programmed to have spaces for free improvisation. It will be trippy and solid.


Ok. This moment is a little over charged, and it’s not so easy to choose where to go. ChaCha will be playing live on Lipton Earth Lounge. Platina Jazz, who are sounding very cool, will be on the Lay’s Jazz Dimension Stage. And the WDR Big Band Köln will be at the River Stage. Time to surf the wave of the moment.

19:30 – Balaio Invites Randy Brecker at the Stella Artois Jazz Harbor

Strangely this is the only one stage with music at this time. So that sure has weight in the selection, however this is cool jazz to have fun with. Check it out.

20:30 Corinne Bailey Rae at the River Stage

I don’t think I need to talk to you about her.


13:30 – Ludovic Beier Trio at the Stella Artois Jazz Harbor

If you can make it at this time, if you didn’t go all through the after party of the day before, if you are a super hero, then this is the place to be at this time, see why.

14:00 – Cro-Magnon

Japanese solid live electronic hip hop band that I’ve been wanting to listen live for many years. I hope they are fun to see live, they have a Boiler Room in their CV so I’m going with high expectations.

15:30 – Nils Landgren Quartet Ft. Wolfgang Haffner at Stella Artois Jazz Harbor

Fun jazz ahead.

16:30 – Noukilla – The River Stage

The Mauritius gang hits the stage, known for the sega vibes, the summarized idea is have fun, chill, have fun, enjoy the ride, have fun!

18:30 – Soulspeak vs. Ttechmak Ft. Danimal at Lipton Earth Lounge or Platina Jazz at Lay’s Jazz Dimension Stage

If you didn’t catch Platina Jazz on Saturday or if you did and fell for them, then this is the option to go for. Or Soulspeak, one of the top producers from China joining forces with trumpet player Toby Mak and Detroit’s Danimal. Toby Mak is been having a great year, it’ll be good to hear him playing with Soulspeak.

19:30 – Joshua Redman/Brad Mehldau Duo

This will be big. Jazz giant moment again. Another jazz hero on the stage. Must.

20:30 – Death in Vegas

Lots of people is waiting for this gig, so I’m assuming you already know or know someone that knows about it. Sorry I’m not writing more about it, but I need to finish and go cook those shots.

21:30 – Corinne Bailey Rae at The River Stage or Funk Off at Love My Music Stage.

I say, let’s just go wild, activate the power, and be at the two of them.

The full program on JZ’s website.

See you there!!!

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