JZ Festival Is ON

This is it, the time has come, kids are exalted jumping outside yelling for the slower ones to hurry, friends are calling each other for coordinates and schedules, producers are one-hand hanging from the scaffolding, the other hand on the radio transmitter, missing a third hand to make strong signs hoping for those on the ground to do as he says. Bands are landing, others are already checking skyscrapers or tasting spicy snacks, some others are rehearsing, sound checking their instruments, preparing their songs list. Journalists are calling to confirm interview dates, setting times and the plan with collegues, pausing every other beat for a grandiose speech to the younger about the first editions of the festival. And fans and groupies are preparing cameras, outfit, and stylish alcoholic picnics. The JZ Festival starts.

Things to specially remember: to go on until the very last note of Sunday keep on drinking water between portions of other unknown stuff. In order to be healthy still by Monday, also bring something to keep you warm when the evening comes, wash well your hands every time you can, and keep in mind that the best way to flow is to let music drive you.

Now. The fundamentals.

Dates: Saturday Oct. 20th, and Sunday Oct. 21st Music starts at 1pm doors open at 12:30

Address: Expo Park / No.1700 Shibo Avenue,  Pudong New District ( The main entrance is at the corner of Shibo Avenue and Chang Qing Bei Road )

Transportation: I am a lazy to move , and with a bunch of friends is not really expensive, so, taxi. The ride from downtown to the Expo center is less than 40 rmb, spread among four people, is okay. Plus I have lots of shots to bring for the picnic. In case you are in saving mode, or just simply don’t like taxis, then the subway line 7 and 8 are your lines to go. Special love goes to the people of the subway that will have specially open the line 8 for people to travel better to the fest. And JZ will have free buses going to the fest area every 5 minutes between Shibo Avenue Station and the Expo Hall Station. In case you need to know more, maybe discover Google Maps, or just check the directions by JZ. Tickets: at the door 220 rmb. Pre-sale (still is time): call any: 962388, 6431 1075, 6431 7113, 137 0191 0940, or on Ticket2010, or JZ’s Taobao, or at JZ Club, JZ School, or Wooden Box.

Please be kind and read the notice, do not aim to be the ass interrupting the party, and well, don’t take too seriously the restriction about bringing alcohol though number 16 is good to remember specially if you are blond and naturally crazy… however, it is baijiu jelly shots time! A when you see Ren or Mark, guys on bikes, loaded with radios transmitters, and concerned faces, stop them to say how awesome is what they have organized, no need to speak to them for ages, but give them some love back, they will appreciate it for sure.

The Plan!

Saturday October 20th

2pm Life is not easy. Noukilla will pay at The River stage, and Fu Hwa’s Band at the Earth Lounde. It all depends on your mood. Party mood, choose Noukilla, just-woke-up-and-chilling mood, choose Fu Hwa’s Band. I will try to be at the two places.

3pm Blue Grass stage. Orbit Folks, these folks are from Taiwan, this is a creative music project, lots of experimentation, jamming, mixing of styles, and orbital vibes.

3.30pm Earth Lounge. J3 will funk your soul, Jianyi Huang, Jiajun Chen, and Jhonny Josef, a killing mix of musical power, all musicians that bring style and pride to our local jazz scene.

4pm be sure to cross your path with the marchin band of Brazilian drums, mobile batucada! Dancing tip: move your knees to the o rhythym and you will be closer to samba.

4.30pm Blue Grass stage. The Word doing an accoustic set that will  feature my awesome friend, and LYBZ partner, Mike “Big Duck” B. on the classy beating double bass, who will be in Shanghai lands for a couple of weeks, starting tomorrow!

5.30pm Take a break. Go check the hippies selling stuff, walk by the river, meet friends, have some jelly shots, eat something fun, go to pee and meet some new friends while at the queue.

6pm Green Note. Brendan Power, versatile experienced and awesome harmonica player.

6.30pm Earth Lounge. Alec Haavik and an electric edition of his Alliance, I like this promo line on their profile: “miss the journey and blame yourself” ha! I buy it.

7.15pm The River. Ochun. I am not a a big fan of those beats wrongly called Latin music, specially when many of them are originally from New York, BUT, yes, some times, some few times, it is possible to find a decent or even a great band that won’t make me desperately need some Iron Maiden dose to release me from the pain of those cheesy beats. Ochun has been before in Shanghai, and at the JZ Festival also, at least a couple of times, and they are solid. Their music is based on Cuban beats, and its compositions are smart, and fun, and they come with a new album in their pockets. Expect party vibes.

8pm Green Note stage. Dude, Roy Hargrove, Roy Hargrove, Roy Hargrove, Roy Roy Roy Roy!

9.30pm. Go home only if necessary. If not, go straight to On Stage (Red Town, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Hongqiao Lu) the party will be ON there with Theo Croker’s Afrosonic, at midnight go to JZ to catch the last set of Roberta Gambarini, and at 2am the legendary JZ jam session, that on the Saturday of the festival is always magical.

Sunday October 21st.

1pm East Theater. Jasmine and her Jazz Men, a living classic Shanghai diva, one of the best female singers in town, she will moisturize your skin with music.

2pm Earth Lounge. Ben Huang the great. Disco beats for fun.

3pm Blue Grass stage. Arkansas Travelers, yes, finally bluegrass at the Blue Grass stage!

3.30pm Conflict: The River stage. B-Connected. We are. This is cool jazz from Switzerland. Or. The Green Note stage, Theo Croker’s Afrosonic featuring Gita. Both will totally kick ass.

4pm East Theater. Magic with Coco Zhao and the JZ Big Band. Unmissable!

5pm The River stage. Tobias Preisig, violin jazz.

5.30pm Earth Lounge. Chekov, electronic jazz improvisations.

6pm. East Theater. B6 and Li Quan, drums and electronic sounds live. I want to be there!

6.30pm. Take a break. Really. Though you can take it by the grass area near The River stage and still listen to SkyRiders play electronic jazz from Switzerland.

7pm East Theater. Shunza and The Red Groove Project. This is a killing combo, Shunza is a mandopop singer and The Red Groove leaded by Lawrence Ku, expect plenty of groupies among the audience, I expect also killing guitar solos.

7.30pm Blue Grass stage. Shanren, they are just awe-some! Music from Yunnan to inspire you.

8pm Earth Lounge. AM444 with new album in their back pocket. It must kick ass.

8.30pm The Green Note. Khalil Fong, Hong Kong star to close the fest.

9.30pm or maybe 10pm take it easy, but go get your way to JZ Club, that place will be in fire as every time the park festival is over. Avoid to set up early meetings for Monday morning, so you can enjoy Sunday as much as possible.

These are my recommendations, but there are many more acts happening during the festival, there are many great shows to check, I can not think for everybody so I think of myself when writing this things, and of course, you don’t have to follow my advice if  you don’t want to, rebel!… Well,actually, I might not carefully follow it neither, but I will be mostly around there, so if you are around, and want to give it a try to some kicking-ass-baijiu-andotherpoisons-shots look for the pink cloud of energy, and the festive people and join the party!

Festival time!!!

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