JZ Festival, The Plan for Sunday

Waking up before noon on Sunday, after the long party of Saturday could be an heroic act. To make it easier remember to drink lots of water before going to sleep, and try to get some of those magnesium tablets that help to recover better after partying. Whatever works for you to be up and fresh on Sunday before noon, to be at the Expo Garden in Pudong around 2 or 3pm to continue the trip in JZ’s festival.
And if it’s the case that you can only go for one day and not two, and if you want my thoughts on that, I’d choose Saturday over Sunday, but only if you have to choose.

Here the plan for Sunday.

13:30pm Wayne’s Basement at The River stage. Gipsy jazz, often funky too, Wayne’s Basement is the trio formed by three awesome string players, Etienne, Jay, and E.J.. They are thirty fast melodic fingers, their music is nice, and their improvisations are really cool. At the same time will be playing Toby Mak and his trumpet at the Theater, and at the Green Note stage will be Long Shen Dao a Chinese reggae band. Both are interesting to see too, if you want to start the day jumping fast, then fly from one to the other, sure you will catch nice music from them all.

14:20 Asaph Lerburn at the Blue Grass stage. Asaph plays around Shanghai, at Anar, and the Wooden Box, he is a nice guitar player, he is open to any kind of music, and his music is nice as he is. Totally worth it to check.

14:50 If you are caught into Asaph’s melodies that’s totally understandable, but I also want to be at The River stage to listen to Dana & Vlad, a duo that turns on the fire of music. Vladimir is one of those guys I call an octopus of music, whatever you put in his hands he will get music out of it, if he’d had eight hands he could be a whole band himself, and his music taste is as vast and cool as his skills. I’ve seen him jumping from the guitar, to the bass, to the keyboards, ending up on the DJ booth in one night. I love to hear him playing free jazz, jazz, rock, blues, rock, and psychedelic stuff. Dana is a voice with a girl, and a girl with a huge heart for music, she turns on the lights when she sings. The two of them have been playing together for more than a year, and they are rocking it.

16:10 stay at The River stage and listen to The Song Dynasty, candy for the ears.

16:30 Danilo Perez in the Theater, fun, happy, cool jazz to dance to. I wonder why they have him at a Theater, his music sounds perfect for outdoor spaces, anyway, it should be fun. I really don’t have much to say about this guy, because the only time I heard his music before was at an airplane where his album was on the list of music to play. I really enjoyed to listen to his album then, but I have never seen him play live, so I’m curious to see him playing live now.

18:00 Lawrence Ku in the Theater, Lawrence is an amazing guitar player, and he is a very quiet guy too, I’ve joked about getting him into a punk band to finally see him headbanging and jumping, because he’s such strong guitar player that my rock spirit always wants jump and go crazy with his music, but he is a chilled guy, the contrast of him and his music catches the attention easily, and when is not that, it’s the strength of his music. Totally recommended.

19:30 On this plan I have skipped all the rock and electronic acts, just because jazz is the big dish of the festival. So probably at the end would be cool to finally jump to the electronic corner and go to check some beats. At the Earth Lounge DJ Teng Boom will be playing along with Alec Haavik on sax (who we loved here at Layabozi), Gillbert Kuppasani on percussion (one of the Mauritius gang), and Sean Higgins on keyboard (the master of the universe for the classic jam sessions at JZ Club on Saturdays, and awesome piano player). Just mentioning the names, and the instruments with this DJ is interesting to tempt me. If this is not convincing for you, then go for Jojo Mayer & Nerve at the Green Note stage

21:00 Finish the day by the river with Thoma Cher and his love for underground disco music. After go back home, and if you still have energy to go out, then of course bounce to JZ Club, I can assure you it will be fun there, and if you missed any cool band during the weekend probably you will catch them playing one or two tunes there when jamming around the classic long island teas of JZ. Cheers!

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