Kite, China Tour 2012


Swedish synth pop duo is starting their second tour in China this week.

Since their formation on 2008, Kite has release a record per year, Kite I, II, III, and yeah, IV, last year.

Kite has been compared to Yazoo, and OMD, a very obvious observation given the sound of the band, but Kite’s melodies are not yet ready to be compared to Yazoo or OMD, they are much more simple, and pink than Yazoo or OMD, though lyric-wise they seem to be closer.



You can also free  download their singles “Looking For Us”  and “Cannonballs” from the page of their label, Progress Records.

This is a video for their song “Jonny Boy”, one of their top singles.

[Youtube Video]


And to end this immersion into Kite’s sounds, this is a video produced during their last visit to China on 2011, for their song “Step Forward”.

[Youtube Video]


Kite starts their tour today in Shenzen, on Thursday they’ll hit Beijing, and Friday they will arrive to Shanghai to play at YuyinTang along with Rekjaivictim, Party Horse, and Disasteradio, on another concert produced by Mr. Abe Deyo. Then Kite will go to the beach for Zebra’s Jinshan Music fest.

These are the dates and details.
July 17th –  Suzhou –  Wave Livehouse

July 18th – Nanjing –  Castle Bar

July 19th  – Beijing – Yugong Yishan

July 20th – Shanghai Yuyintang

July 21st  – Shanghai – 2012 Jinshan Beach Music Festival

July 23rd – KunshanWhales Bar

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