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STD is making me happy (yes, exactly). STD is bringing Lapalux to China, and he is one of my favorite electronic producers since I first heard of him back in 2012 through Alpha Pup Records. He could be one of my top five favorites if I’d be into ranking … only five.

I got into Lapalux with his EP Some Other Time, I listened to it probably over a thousand times, to me the only weakness of that EP was that it was just an EP, but still it was enough to turn me into a loyal fan of Lapalux so I kept on listening to his music and writing about it here. His first LP came out in 2013, Nostalchic released under Brainfeeder it got a lot of positive reviews and took Lapalux to further horizons. Nostalchic is another beautiful work to check if you haven’t yet. Then last year he released his second album in Brainfeeder, Lustmore, some reviews were not as cheerful as with his first LP but I say who cares?! Luckily I can disagree with the mass, and still enjoy the party. I think Lustmore is as beautiful as it was Some Other Time and maybe better because it’s longer.

There is a vibe within Lapalux’s music that’s peaceful and warm, comfortable, it’s like his music has no anxiety. I love that. I also love love his selection of little sounds to decorate the main track of his tunes, those little sounds here and there create amazing spaces and are art in action. There are his melodies and harmonies, Lapalux is big creating them that’s why his music is fluid, easy to float on, in, and around. And finally there is his big theme, easy to love especially if you have a thing for futuristic spaces and electronic sounds, his music draws sophisticated landscapes with games of lights circulating between asphalt and nature. Lapalux’s music builds worlds to navigate around.

Lustmore’s thirteen tracks are a great ride for any day or time, it’s loaded with little details that make each repetition interesting. Though all the tracks are dreamy, the general vibe is not dazed but the opposite precisely because of the many details meticulously placed in each song. Lapalux told to FACT Magazine that this album makes him think of the bar scene in the Kubrick film The Shining, if you are a fan of that movie maybe you can tell me how they match. I hear nothing scary in this album which is what I think when I think of The Shining, but well, you know how many times we understand the book differently from what it was meant to be. Anyway, what I just want to clearly tell you is that if you like music you should listen to Lustmore, and really anything that Lapalux is doing.

Lapalux latest release Cuts Vol 1. was some months ago, this is an EP that’s for free download on Brainfeeders’ site. Cuts Vol 1. has five tracks that sound closer to his first EP Forest and different from everything else Lapalux has released until now, he published them saying that they were tracks that never saw the light before so maybe they are some of his first experiments. They are dance tunes, a different style from Lustmore and Nostalchic, and Some Other Time. Maybe he will play some of them when he comes to Arkham on March 26th, but just in case this gets to Lapalux’s eyes, please please please play all the tracks of Some Other Time.

Lapalux’s music is stylish beyond fashion, a delicate pleasure for music lovers. Be there.

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