L'Enfant Rouge China Tour

It’s a bit late for some of the dates of this tour, but still there are a couple of shows before they leave. L’Enfant Rouge are a French Italian trio based in Reykjavik and Borj El Khadra, they play avant-rock, they sound strong, crazy (probably a bit dangerous), and ass-kicking which actually is a right way to describe their music. On their bio they say they have played thousands of concerts, I haven’t been to any, and I won’t be so lucky to go to any yet, this tour won’t bring them to my city, but for those of you in Hefei and Beijing, I tell you, this band is crazy and cool, and one of the origins of their coolness is their bassist who plays with a criminally, and who incidentally is a girl, and you know the rule… bands with bassist chicks, they rock. I’ll just finish here, and let you judge by yourself.       Catch them on Hefei at The Road Bar on June 27th, and in Beijing at Yugon Yishan on June 29th. Find more information about L’Enfant Rouge on their official website.

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