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Today this trio starts their first tour around China. I think is great that jazz bands are also touring the country. Organized by Wangba Music, the tour starts today in Shanghai at JZ Club.

Manuel Hermia is a sax player from Belgium, he is into improvisation and exploration of jazz, he has different projects, bands, that play in different areas of jazz and music. I could say he seems to be a jazz geek, but I have not yet met a jazz musician that is not a jazz geek, that’s part of the charm of jazz.

The music of Manuel Hermia Trio with  Manolo Cabras on bass, and Joao Lobos on drums, flows around oriental sounds, experiments with the concept of rajazz, an idea evolved by Hermia, to approach modal and tonal music in a shared system, the result of ragas and jazz. Ragas are traditional scales of notes from Indian music, these scales (there are bizillion of them) where first brought to jazz by John Coltrane, he used them to create his most trippy tunes, influencing a lot the development of free jazz on those years, Coltrane didn’t need to hype it with a name though, that’s a thing of the music of our times that’s going mad for genres and brands in the search of  owning a square meter in history books or the ethereal hall of fame. More important that this is the curiosity behind the music created by Manuel Hermia. There is a lot of thinking, and concept development behind his work, much talk about music, the science, the philosophy, the art, etc. etc., but further than that, the music they are playing is like free poetry, there is a lot to listen in it, and many ways to listen to it.




China Tour Dates

11.27 – JZ Club, Shanghai, 10PM
11.28 – 61 House, Nanjing, 8PM
11.30 – Xing Hai Music School, Guangzhou, 7:30PM
12.01 – Fuyou Club, Changsha, 9PM
12.07 – East Shore, Beijing w/Laurent Couson, 9PM
12.08 – Jiang Hu, Beijing w/Li Tieqiao, Laurent Couson, 8:30PM

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