Matias Aguayo In Shanghai


Matias Aguayo will play tonight at Mao Livehouse Shanghai.

The Chilean producer comes for the first time to China, after playing a couple of dates in Japan. Aguayo’s fame extends to collaborations with several artists, including his famous work with Battles for “Ice Cream”. During this year Aguayo has released several works through his own label, Comeme, and through Kompakt, the official promoters and distributors’ of Comeme. His latest works include his album The Visitor, the track “De Oporto A Paris” in Comeme’s compilation One Night In Comeme, and “Minimal” in Kompakt’s compilation for their 20 years anniversary. But through Comeme he has releases many more tracks, sets, and mixes this year.


Today’s show will include also DJ Ben Huang, Donn, and Nibing. Today is Chile’s independence day, back in Chile the national holiday has been happening since last weekend with parties everywhere as it’s usually celebrated, here in Shanghai Chile has had a couple of parties, thought the best one for sure is tonight at Mao listening Aguayo’s set.





Find the details of tonight’s concert on LYBZ’s gig calendar. More about Aguayo on his profile on Kompakt’s site.

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