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This year will be the 13th edition of MIDI. The MIDI fever will start on April 29th and go on until May 19th, when it closes their first edition in Shenzhen. The giant metal will be in Beijing, and Shanghai, and yes, Shenzhen for the first time, at Longgang Shenzhen University Sports Center.

MIDI will celebrate this year the twenty years of their music school, MIDI School will get special love during these three celebrations. MIDI music school was the first music school in China to teach blues, rock, and jazz.

From May 3rd to May 5th MIDI will be in Shanghai at Pudong’s Century Park. Three stages, and dozens of rock bands will be magically disturbing the daily peace of the fauna of the park. Expect music from pop rock to ultra hard core bloody metal. On May 3rd at 5pm the doors will open to start the festival with the first band at the main stage, the Tang dinasty stage. May 4th and 5th the festival will begin at 1pm and go until 9:30pm. Tickets are already available for sale. Pre-sale prices go from 100 rmb for the first day, to 280 for the three days.

MIDI in Beijing will start on April 29th and end on May 1st. The place still has not been revealed.

MIDI in Shenzhen will feature the Tang, Yuan, and Ming dynasty stages, plus a stage for kids. MIDI counts one hundred hours of music have been programmed already for MIDI Shenzhen, plus the usual flea market, the camping area, and all the fun for the creative kids in Shenzhen.

This is great news of course, MIDI in Shenzhen might spread the good musical energy to Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hong Kong, and Macao. MIDI is anxious to grow stronger and bigger and bring more great times to music fans all around China.

The news about the line up are yet unreleased but you know what to expect… a lot of heavy hard crazy metal fun. And if you want to keep updated connect with MIDI through their WeChat group.

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