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Lollapalooza is starting today in Chile, I need teleportation to happen soon.

Festivals are happy time concentrated, and extended along the days that the concerts last. The whole thing of a large crowd celebrating for hours together around music, happy people dancing around, talking with strangers forgetting the strange, enjoying great mystic moments with music, people walking from stage to stage, zone to zone, smiling, with colorful shiny auras, playing, it’s all like a real, more fun — with a better soundtrack — edition than a trip to Narnia. Festival season is starting in our Republic. Let’s start talking about them, with the biggest of them all. MIDI.

This year MIDI will be in Beijing on Haidian park, and in Shanghai on Century park. Shanghai’s MIDI is on April 21st, and 22nd. Beijing’s MIDI is from April 29th to May 1st. Shanghai’s MIDI has an electronic stage again, sadly not produced by The Antidote this time.

Among the many challenges that MIDI has to battle one of the most important is to get enough sponsors to get all the bands they’d like to have. This is why we are not getting all the bands we’d like to have here. That might explain why all the local (Shanghainese) music in this edition of MIDI is not so well represented on the rock stage, the electronic stage is full of Shanghai though. Until now the only three Shanghainese bands confirmed on the rock line up are Yuguo空想家 (Dreamer), winner of a competition of bands organized by Zippo, and  大新鲜   (Da Fresh)  , winners of the band competition organized by Tiger. There’s still some time, and there are more bands that will be add to the line up on the next weeks.

I just talked with the “mischievous ghost of Rock In China”, aka Yang Yu, about the most important bands in the line up of both MIDI, those that you should pay attention and not forget about, unless you are rolling around laughing on the grass with the love (or loves) of your life.

The wizardly advice from Yang says, in Shanghai… “Twisted MachineWang Yong should be very artistic, Hao Yun is Beijing urban folk, of course our two Danish metal bands The Kandidate, and Scarred By Beauty, and Muma is pretty cool”. And in Beijing… “Larry’s Pizza new school punk, S.A.W. hard core, metal, The Falling metal core.  Multi-Ego, and NewTank, both cool young metalcore post hardcore bands. Slap a very interesting urban folk band, similar to Second Hand Rose Saving Molly used to be good, not sure if they are still up to the heights. MiSanDao, and Residence A!

I’ll add to that, Ego Fall, and The Powder Powder in Beijing, and Da Fresh, and Brainfailure in Shanghai. And let’s see what new bands are added to the line up.

Now, let’s finish this standing up for evolution, because I can hear already in my mind the comments of the usual nonconformist dudes living in my neighborhood… we know, there is no Foo Fighters in the line up.  Bummer, indeed. But we can choose, we can be unhappy and grumpy, or we can enjoy and have fun, I choose the half full of wine… This is the second year we have MIDI in Shanghai, and it is happening, we are way better than three years ago. Last year we had crazy fun in MIDI. And I really really want to be there for Muma, and to play rolling around on the grass, jump and yell to loud live rock, and dancing like a monkey by the electronic stage. MIDI is happening.

Find more information about both Shanghai MIDI, and Beijing MIDI on Rock In China.




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