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MIDI Festival starts on April 29th on Beijing, then it goes on for three consecutive weekends around China. Shanghai, and finally on Shenzhen where they will be for the first time. Imagine the excitement of rock lovers in Shenzhen. These are times they will always remember.

The three locations will see hundreds of artists passing through them. This is a sample with ten bands that you must not miss during these weekends.

And while you listen download the PDF from your city, there you will have the complete line up, map, and directions, so you don’t miss your favorite music during these days.

MIDI Beijing

MIDI Shanghai

MIDI Shenzhen


Yaksa “Break Through”

Yaksa is one of the leading metal bands in China. Formed in 1995, their debut album Free was released in 200o. Eighteen years playing, five albums released, won the 2011 MIDI award Best Metal Band Of The Year. They have performed on MIDI the last six editions.

Yaksa “Break Through”

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Tomahawk “911”

One of the oldest metal bands from China


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SMZB “Go China Go”

SMZB is another seminal band from China, rooted in Wuhan’s punk scene SMZB has been leading China’s rock since 1996. The bagpipe, the punk riffs, and rattles and the songs in Chinese give them their signature sound that has kept them at the top of China’s underground scene for all their years of life. SMZB has tour Asia and Europe, joined several festivals in China, Asia, and Europe.

SMZB “Go China Go”

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Daydreamer “Private Life”

Daydreamer is a young band from Shanghai, lately has been increasing its popularity playing at several shows and raising its audience of fans and the expectations.

Daydreamer”Private Life”

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Mr. Firework “Bei Bei”

Mr. Firework 烟火先生 are a pop punk band from Hangzhou active since 2010. They just released a new EP of cover songs

Mr. Firework “Bei Bei”


Subs “Old Dog”

Subs are one of the top bands of Chinese rock, whenever, and wherever they play they are a must.

Subs “Old Dog”

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Suffocated “当梦再次缠绕”

Trash metal, Suffocated have been together since 1996, and they were one of the bands that went last year to Wacken Festival.

Suffocated “当梦再次缠绕”

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Residence A “送春” (Spring)

Residence A is becoming one of the top bands of current rock in China.

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Miserable Faith “盛开” (Bloom)

Formed by students of MIDI school of rock, they have been together since 1999.

Miserable Faith “盛开”

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Tookoo “Take Me Home”

Tookoo is one of the leading bands of Chinese dance rock. Their concerts are a blast.

Tookoo “Take Me Home”

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Chaos Mind “平行的世界”

Chaos Mind is currently on the top of the metal scene of Shanghai and China.

Chaos Mind “平行的世界”

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Nova Heart “Good Ideas”

Nova Heart is the essential super group of China right now.

NovaHeart”Good Ideas”

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