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Naohai is the first work released by the homonymous band. Naohai started in 2010 as a fan band of Nezha, the early name of The Gar, formed by Zhao Shuang (drums), Chen Hao (bass), and Qi Jinlong (guitar and vocals). In 2011 they successfully joined Shanghai’s rock circuit, playing on many shows where they established as a band with a solid style, seriously dedicated to their music.

The EP contains six songs that show very well the characteristic sound of Naohai until now. The six songs seem like a sonic exploration of few sounds used in different ways and orders, most of the times the colors in the songs come from the drums and the bass, the extended loops from the guitar and its easy going melodies feel to me like the canvas for the rhythm section to play. “Undercurrents” is a heavy drowned psychedelic ballad, “Vegeta” and “Doll” are almost pop rock tunes, but enough distorted to not be totally pop, “Outsider” is a dark gloomy song. “Virgin Killer” and “Fogdog” are the prologue and epilogue of Naohai, instrumental summaries of Naohai’s spirit.

Naohai is a fine EP, sure influenced by the sound of The Gar, but with much personality too. It is not perfect, and I think is not enough to show well the strength that I’ve seen from Naohai when they are playing live, however it is a fair record to start a discography, and to establish the origin of Naohai.

Naohai was released under Miniless Records label, recorded at Juju and Postape Studio, and mixed by Li Weiyu.

On Saturday November 24th Naohai will officially release their EP with a concert at YuyinTang that will also feature the performance of Friend Or Foe, X is Y, and Forsaken Autumn.



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