Nortec Brings Tijuana's Electronic Sounds to Shanghai.

Mexico’s legendary mex-techno Nortec is in China for the first time . Imagine Kraftwerk mixed with a live Mexican music band, the result is Nortec.
Nortec grew supported by Gustavo Cerati known as the “godfather” of the band.  They’ve been nominated for 3 Grammy awards, and Nortec Collective has shared the stage with Beck, Queens of the Stone Age, and Basement Jaxx.
Nortec originated in 1999 when Pepe Mogt, started by experimenting with samples of old banda sinaloense and norteño albums and altering them on his computer or filtering them with analog synthesizers. He had picked up on the idea by listening to the percussive and angular grooves of the tambora and norteña music played at a family social event. Through some contacts in recording studios located in Tijuana’s notorious Zona Norte red light district, Pepe compiled tracks of isolated instruments from multitrack recording of tambora and norteño demo recordings that had been abandoned at the studios by the bands that recorded them. He began to burn these tracks onto CD-Rs, which he would later distribute to friends under the condition that they make a new track using the material. Those first raw tracks were compiled onto the “Nor-tec Sampler”, the first release from Mil Records followed by the release “The Tijuana Sessions Vol.1” , then came the already famous “Tijuana Sessions vol. 3”, and this Tuesday is the release of their newest album of the collective “Bulevar 2000”
The group formed by the different individual projects who create Nortec music. As a complement, there’s also a “Colectivo Visual” a group of designers and VJs who take care of the visual side of Nortec live shows. The term Nortec is a conjunction of Norteño (“of” or “from the North”) and Techno, but mainly describes the collision between the music, style and culture of electronic music with those of norteño and tambora, two music genres indigenous to the North of Mexico. These styles are caracterized by their use of accordions and double bass (norteño ); tubas, clarinets, horns and pumping bass drums ( tambora ) and quirky use of percussion and polyrhytmic snare drum rolls (both). All of these elements are used to create a sound that is very Tijuana.
You can listen to Nortec’s music on their myspace, and at the Expo on Monday and Tuesday at 8pm, and on Monday at Dada on the after party.
At the Expo the concert is on the Greenland Expo Square (on thePuxi Side), If you go there after 5pm the entrance is just 90 RMB.
The show at Dada starts at 11pm, and it’s free.
Viva Mexico cabrones!

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