North Meets South: A Hip Hop Connection

This Friday our dear ChaCha is producing a show at Mao Livehouse that will present a big show of hip hop artists from all around China. The line up for the show counts with FeiBao And His Big Band, MC Webber, IN-3, FengXiao and Jie, DJ Munk, Ceezy.

The Connection has been a show in three parts, the first one was a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow Thursday will be the second part at The Shelter, “The Exchange”, local producers SIG, Ceezy, Hamacide,  and Downstate, will bring their freshest beats, and MCs will rhyme on them as on an open mic style of gig.

The third part, and a promising grand finale of The Connection, will present a very special live hip hop showcase, for the first time in China’s music history, bringing together the biggest hip hop acts from the north and south of China together under one roof.

GuangZhou’s MC FeiBao, one of the most talented Cantonese rappers out there, will be performing with his full 12 piece (!) live hip-hop band, this will be the first time this band performs outside of GuangZhou.

Legendary Chinese hip hop MC, MC Webber, will perform a rare live set. MC Webber is probably the most respected Chinese hip hop pioneer, MC Webber started off as a break dancer back in the early 90’s. After discovering his skills on the mic, he formed China’s first ever hip hop group YinCang, making huge waves in the scene and taking underground Chinese hip hop to a new level. His own events, entitled Section 6, are notorious in Beijing and have just celebrated its sixth anniversary. A true pioneer and hero to the younger generation of Chinese MCs, Webber is currently working along side Shanghai’s ChaCha, they say the fruits of their labor will soon to be revealed.

Beijing’s IN-3 will make a long overdue return with a full live performance and fresh young talent. Jia Wei, Chen Haoran, and Meng GuoDong are three best friends tied together by their dream to create real Chinese hip hop.  IN-3 lyrics are about immediate subjects of life, their life, and the life of young people in Beijing and China write real lyrics about real life. Their lyrics are strong, they give something to talk to their followers, and to the rest too. IN-3 is the most well known hip hop group in China. Their debut album Unknown Artist released in 2008 was a huge hit in the China underground, telling tales of love, life, education and the dark side of the middle kingdom. They want to tell the youth of China to be brave and have their own thought and not to follow or copy everything they see around them. Their infamous live show is sure to be one of the highlights of this event.

Joining this already epic line up is FengXiao and JieFengXiao and Jie, will take the stage in Shanghai for the very first time. Part of the new generation of Chinese underground hip-hop MCs, their deep, thoughtful lyrics and fresh flow make them stand out from many of the new Chinese rappers. Another debut performance in Shanghai, catch their show and in a few years time, when they are huge you can say you were there when they popped up their career.

We want to specially highlight ChaCha’s work to produce these gigs, she has been doing a nice job bringing hip hop talents from around China closer to Shanghai’s audience, and supporting these artists to keep producing more and better music for a richer musical China.  If you are into hip hop, then these two are must-go gigs. Got it?!

Listen to:

MC Webber “Hip Hop”

More information about these artists:

In-3  Douban page.

MC Webber Douban page.

MC FeiBao Douban page.

And two video tracks from FengJiao and Xie on Tudou.

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