Nova Heart China Tour


Nova Heart is starting today their tour around China to release their new and first album. The tour will take them to eight cities starting with Chonqing and finishing in Beijing for the oficial date to release their album. After brain storming different ideas for the name of the album finally it will go out self-titled.

Tour Dates

November 14th – Nuts Bar, Chongqing
November 15th –  Little Bar, Chengdu
November 28th – 7 Live House, Zhengzhou
November 29th – Aperture, Xi’an
December 5th – QSW, Shanghai
December 6th – Vox, Wuhan
December 7th – 46 Live House, Changsha
December 12th – ALBUM RELEASE Yugong Yishan, Beijing


And a little something to warm up your ears and eyes.

[Youtube video]

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